This weekend, the Weekender treats you with a new article from the field of superconductivity, The Munich SuperLink project, by Werner Prusseit and Robert Bach. Catch up with out April issue and read Consistent transformer transport monitoring – detect damage early and act, by Thomas Weig and Sarah Richter. Enjoy your weekend!
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The Munich SuperLink project

Toughening up city distribution grids with high voltage HTS cables

By Werner Prusseit, Robert Bach

In Munich, the planning and development of the longest superconducting supply cable in an urban distribution grid is currently underway as part of the SuperLink project. This article will briefly introduce the project and explain the background that led to this idea. In addition, the chances that HTS cables offer for electric grid planning and the conversion of urban energy distribution in the context of the energy transition will be discussed.

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Consistent transformer transport monitoring – detect damage early and act

By Thomas Weig and Sarah Richter

Consistent traceability is essential, especially for sensitive products. In this case, however, the transport from the storage or production location to the customer is usually a non-transparent black box.
Transport data loggers can provide insight into this black box and thus significantly improve quality management.
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