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Editorial review:

“For a long time now, many types of oil analysis have been used to monitor transformers’ health and internal faults successfully. Over time, the quantity and quality of oil analysis has improved, as well as its field diagnosis, which is one of the most difficult and interesting arts to assess a transformer. Thus, the oil is more than a key insulating material, and it is definitely the main key for any health assessment or for driving further investigations on this matter.

However, the global synthesis of all this knowledge on transformer oil, especially when it comes to oils in service, is pivotal to improving and sharing technical knowledge of transformer health. Therefore, the endeavour of Dr. Narasimhan to systematically collect and process key materials on this matter and compose it into a book is worth of our attention, and nonetheless it also deserves a wide support from the transformers industry!“

Transformer Engineer at EDF
Executive Editor of Transformers Magazine


Product details

Publisher: Merit Media Int., Croatia
Publication year: 2022
Language: English
File size: 32,3 MB
Pages: 502
Format: PDF
ISBN: 978‐953‐49295‐4‐4 (print), 978-953-49295-3-7 (digital)


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