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    Transformer Oil
    Preview book

    Product details
    Publisher: Merit Media Int., Croatia
    Publication year: 2022
    Language: English
    File size: 32,3 MB
    Pages: 502
    Format: PDF
    ISBN: 978‐953‐49295‐4‐4 (print), 978-953-49295-3-7 (digital)


    Editorial review:

    “For a long time now, many types of oil analysis have been used to monitor transformers’ health and internal faults successfully. Over time, the quantity and quality of oil analysis has improved, as well as its field diagnosis, which is one of the most difficult and interesting arts to assess a transformer. Thus, the oil is more than a key insulating material, and it is definitely the main key for any health assessment or for driving further investigations on this matter.

    However, the global synthesis of all this knowledge on transformer oil, especially when it comes to oils in service, is pivotal to improving and sharing technical knowledge of transformer health. Therefore, the endeavour of Dr. Narasimhan to systematically collect and process key materials on this matter and compose it into a book is worth of our attention, and nonetheless it also deserves a wide support from the transformers industry!“

    Jean SANCHEZ, PhD
    Transformer Engineer at EDF
    Executive Editor of Transformers Magazine


    From the author:

    “My main purpose of writing this book was to fill the void in today’s technical book market, as there is no single reference book that gives the current status of each topic related to applications. Topics are discussed based on IEC standards, reported field experiences, Cigre reports, discussions with peers and experts in each field and a whole lot of published papers. I earnestly hope that the book will serve as a means of educating new engineers and chemists, both in industry and in academic institutions.”

    About the author:

    CS NARASIMHAN 160 x 160

    Dr. C.S. Narasimhan holds a PhD in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India’s Premier Educational Institution. He worked in corporate R&D centres of multinational companies ever since he completed his PhD in 1978.
    While working as a technical director in a major oil company manufacturing transformer oils, he led project teams for developing and commercialising mineral oils for EHV applications and ester fluids.

    Until his retirement, he headed R&D at Savita Oil Technologies in Mumbai for 20 years.

    Dr. Narasimhan has published more than 30 papers, 15 of which are on transformer oils, and has several patents to his credit.

    He has been an invited speaker at conferences in India and abroad. He is also a member of two IEC committees on oil standards and two CIGRE committees on oils.



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