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Power Integrations

Power Integrations

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PI Expert is a sophisticated design tool for power converter design. This tool enables designing with Power Integrations Products. Capabilities of this tool includes advanced magnetics design, component selection, circuit and system design and simulations. As a PI Expert Development Engineer in the applications engineering team, you will be responsible for developing and testing Power Integration’s design tools


  • Develop, document, test and validate the algorithms used to develop the PI Expert software suite
  • Derive and formulate the equations, functions and logic required to synthesize and optimize a power supply created using Power Integrations’ products
  • Interact with various engineering groups to create scope documents for a product’s introduction in the PI Expert software suite
  • Perform bench validation to co-relate actual performance data with the results from the PI Expert suite

Basic Requirements

  • Enrolled in BSEE/MSEE program.
  • Good grasp of fundamentals and design experience in the following areas
  • Power converters/switch mode power supplies/inverters, etc.
  • Analog electronics design, switching power supply control methods and control loop theory
  • Power magnetics design (transformer, chokes, inductors, etc)
  • Familiar with power supply topologies such as Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost, Flyback, Resonant Converters, etc.

Preferred Experience

  • Practical design experience in power supply design including selection of components and magnetics
  • Good grasp of design equations required to synthesize the power supply under consideration
  • Experience using tools such as MATLAB, Excel, C++, Spotfire, Simulation software (SIMPLIS, LTspice, etc.)

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