E&I Inspector


Oceaneering Doha, Doha, Qatar

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About the job

Company Profile

Oceaneering is a global provider of engineered services and products, primarily to the offshore energy industry. We develop products and services for use throughout the lifecycle of an offshore oilfield, from drilling to decommissioning. We operate the world’s premier fleet of work class ROVs. Additionally, we are a leader in offshore oilfield maintenance services, umbilicals, subsea hardware, and tooling. We also use applied technology expertise to serve the defense, entertainment, material handling, aerospace, science, and renewable energy industries.

Position Summary

Perform all activities necessary for Electrical Inspection

This role will require work on and offshore


Duties & Responsibilities

Switchgear & MCCs Including

  • Electrical inspection shall include (but not be limited to):
  • Circuit breaker and contractor setting & trip check, installation, alignment, and level, ancillary installation, and busbar connection.
  • Power and control cable termination
  • Wiring check
  • Insulation resistance
  • Calibration of meters, relays switchgear
  • Interlock devices
  • Space heater monitoring
  • Earthing resistance
  • High-potential check
  • Startup and operational checks
  • Circuit breaker & contactors setting.
    Electrical Inspections activities
  • Cable trays and trenches inspection, insulation resistance test, grounding continuity, cable identification and condition.
  • Transformer installation and levelling, polarity of terminals and phase sequence.
  • Cable type and location, verify circuit identification, check seals, glands and inspect termination.
  • Fire Alarm Systems component checks and installation and testing.
  • CCTV Systems equipment inspections, installation and testing of system.
  • Control panels inspections, installation and testing.
  • Batteries and chargers confirm ratting, cable connections and proper installation testing. Confirm charge and electrolyte level.
  • Lighting confirms area classification, verify equipment and locations, weatherproofing, operation and setting of time switches. System testing and nighttime illumination check.
  • Grounding systems check for connections and splices prior to backfill, check continuity, and cable type, size and test.
  • Motors storage and maintenance, nameplate data, check bearings, oil levels, wiring and terminal connections, witness uncoupled run-in and confirm amperage load 7 temperature, start up and operational testing, including coupled run-in.
  • Cathodic Protection Systems including all phases of material inspection, installation, and testing.
  • Review disciplines’ quality control documentation for completeness
    Instrumentation Inspections activities
  • Control Center including storage of received equipment, Installation of panel board, console, rack, etc, control centre wiring, Testing (continuity, insulation resistance, etc.),
  • Instrument Pressure Lines including visual inspection of tag numbers, dip high and low pressure, slope, support, material & rating, purging requirements, Pressure & leak tests, Wiring including Cable identification & tag no., installation, cable gland and sealing, line-line and line-ground resistance, Testing (continuity, insulation resistance, etc.)
  • Signal lines including inspection of materials, installation of tubing, fitting, valves, witness air blow, leak tests, Continuity tests.
  • Loop Tests including Input/output signal loops, calibration of instruments including all digital and analog instruments, control valves, either pre-installed or instruments installed at site, Installation of instruments including verification of correct instruments, stands, etc.
  • Review Disciplines’ Quality Control Documentation for Completeness