Sustainability and Digitalization 2023

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Sustainability and Digitalization 2023

Transformers Magazine's Industry Navigator conference

Transformers Magazine’s Industry Navigator conference brings together industry leaders to share their perspectives and collaborate on the best approaches for improving sustainability within the transformer industry. The event provides an opportunity for all parties to present their views and engage in discussions with other stakeholders.


We are happy to announce that the new conference is en route!




Conference title: Sustainability and Digitalization 2023

Dates:  6–8 June 2023

Place:  Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik Hotel, Dubrovnik, Croatia


We are glad that this event is recognized and supported by the leading industry companies.

The list is temporary, and growing:







Sustainability and Digitalization are the trends that probably have the most pronounced impact on the future of society, and thus our industry.

Transformers Magazine has been covering these topics in both regular and special editions, Transformers Academy features numerous lectures on the same topics, while the Industry Navigator conference and research are completely focused on them.

Supported by world-renown 16 expert companies as partners last year, the conference is a unique industry-wide event that brings together decision-makers and high-ranking experts from power utilities, transformer manufacturers, and suppliers of materials and components. All parties have a chance to present their views and discuss the matter with other stakeholders, with the objective to identify the best approaches for the development of the industry.

Study visits to state-of-the-art plants are an integral part of the conference.



Key topics that the conference covers include:

  • Decarbonization
  • Circular economy
  • Compacting (saving materials)
  • Protecting ecosystems
  • Enhancing operational human health and safety
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Digitalization

The research which followed the last conference showed that digitalization is a somewhat specific trend, and therefore this year’s conference program features an individual approach to digitalization, which also reflects in the title of the conference: Sustainability and Digitalization.



The last Industry Navigator conference was a vibrant event with a rich technical and social program, and it was supported by 16 industry-leading companies:

Champions of sustainability: ThyssenKrupp, Hitachi Energy, SGB-SMIT Group, Ergon,

Partners: EDF, Terna, Cargill, Micafluid, Siemens Energy, Končar

Sponsors: Nynas, Dynamic Ratings, MIDEL, PTTX, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, Coiltech



“I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed your sustainability seminar today. I watched it the whole day. Every minute. It was very special – such a select group of impressive companies and individuals. You must be proud. I’m pleased MIDEL was able to contribute to the event. If I may say, well done!”

Barry Menzies, M&I Materials


“Please accept my heartful thanks for the hospitality during my stay in Zagreb and for the perfect organization of the event, which was so inspiring. I’d like to praise and thank the Transformers Magazine team that worked so hard for an awesome outcome of the event!”

Leonardo Maschietto, PTTX


“I was happy to participate in Transformers Magazine’s Sustainability 2022 conference in Zagreb. It actually revealed to me another side of the power transformers’ world.

The new knowledge I acquired and the fresh ideas I delivered back to my company were very useful.”

Anatoliy Mudryk, Transformer Expert, Camlin Energy



This conference is an independent platform, where you have the opportunity to advocate your standpoints and through a public debate influence future practices.

You will also be among the first with the chance to get research results, which will provide insight into the current situation with sustainability and digitalization, as well as guidelines for future actions.




At this conference, you have the opportunity to learn about future practices, as well as to take part in a public debate. You can also participate in the study visit and enjoy a rich social program with great networking opportunities.

Moreover, you will have the chance to participate in the research, which will provide insight into the current situation with sustainability and digitalization, as well as guidelines for future actions.

Sustainability & Digitalization

*The listed prices are net, without VAT



Included in the fees:

Attendee: a welcome cocktail, admission to all sessions, tutorials, certificate of attendance, coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, a social program with dinner, and study visit by boat with lunch

Accompanying person: a welcome cocktail, lunches, dinners, a visit to Dubrovnik city walls, excursion by boat with lunch

Both the participants and accompanying persons must be registered.

Due to a high demand during tourist season, availability of hotel rooms is limited. We recommend booking accommodation as soon as possible.


Study visit

A part of the program will be a study visit to a nearby state-of-the-art power plant/station (read more here).


Registration for online attendance will be enabled later.



You can pay your participation fee by credit card (VISA, Master, American Express), PayPal, or bank transfer.



Cancellations must be made in written form to

  • Conference registration canceled until 15 Apr 2023 is refundable: 50 %
  • Conference registration canceled between 15-31 Apr 2023 is refundable: 25 %
  • Conference registration canceled after 1 May 2023 is non-refundable


We reserve the right to change the program and scope without prior notice.



Join us in driving progress towards a sustainable future for the transformer industry by sponsoring our annual event. As a sponsor, your company will align with a valuable cause and gain high visibility through our magazine, academy, website, social media, and conference materials, including email announcements, landing pages, and brochures. You will receive a list of attendees, a conference report, and a full- or half-page ad in the conference report once it’s published.

Sponsors of our last conference benefited from:

·       170,000 social media impressions,

·       142,000 web banner impressions and

·       15,000 Linkedin reactions

and much more.





Mladen Banovic, Director and Editor-in-Chief


  • Peter Kolmeijer, Principal Consultant Transmission & Distribution Technology

Koncar D&ST

  • Vlatka Serkinic, Sustainability specialist in Koncar Distribution and Special Transformers Inc.


“KONCAR – Distribution and Special Transformers (D&ST) has been facing increasingly complex challenges and market demands recently, and technical development is a key success requirement that drives us to respond more adequately.

Transformer manufacturing does not belong to major environmental polluters, and therefore, does not pose a great threat to the population and nature. Nevertheless, product lifecycle-based thinking at D&ST is manifested in the reduction of the use of natural resources and emissions into the environment, good procurement practices, and recycling capabilities at the end of the product’s life cycle.

As transformers are key structures in creating electricity grids of various voltage levels, and thus an essential link in the global goals of reducing environmental impacts, we strive together with our end customers and partners to develop and apply new technologies. By continuous reduction of transformer losses, usage of new materials with a reduced impact on the environment, and improvement of the circular flow of raw materials, we are working together to support the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral future.

In this manner, we achieve cleaner products and processes, a competitive market advantage and an improved platform to fulfil the requirements of the volatile business climate.”


Vlatka Šerkinić currently works as a sustainability specialist in Končar Distribution and Special Transformers Inc. and has 10 years of experience in environmental topics in transformers production industry. In recent years she has been working as a team leader on Carbon Footprint of Product projects for distribution transformers which help to determine environmental impact of a single distribution transformer. Furthermore, she’s working on development of Končar D&ST sustainability strategy as well as preparation and coordination of sustainability reports.

Hitachi Energy

  • Dr. Ghazi Kablouti, Global Portfolio Sustainability leader for Transformers in Hitachi Energy


In this presentation, the impact of three different insulation systems on the total life cycle carbon emissions of a 40/60 MVA, 132/33 kV ONAN/ONAF transformer is analyzed. The study compares two designs based on a conventional insulation system (for mineral oil or natural ester) with a semi-hybrid insulation system (as high-temperature insulation in combination with natural ester) for the scenario of operating the transformer in lower carbon electricity grids and economic and environmental benefits of such high-temperature insulations compared to conventional designs.



Ghazi Kablouti is the global portfolio sustainability leader for transformers in Hitachi Energy. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, he is responsible for managing the sustainability value proposition and leading the global business development and application engineering activities on sustainability in the transformers portfolio.

As a sustainability pioneer in the power generation sector, he was responsible, before joining Hitachi Energy, for driving the development and commercialization of lower carbon and renewable energy technologies. He also served as senior advisor to the World Bank, World Business Council for Sustainable Development on clean energy systems as well as to leading corporations in the chemical and automotive sector on supply chain digitalization and decarbonization.

He is a senior lecturer at engineering and business schools on sustainability and management, a frequent speaker at conferences, and an author of more than 25 academic and business publications in peer-reviewed journals and international magazines. Ghazi has a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Stuttgart (Germany), a PhD in strategic and systemic management from the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) and is a former postdoctoral visiting scholar at the Global Change Program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA).


Koncar – Instrument transformers

  • Luka Kovacic, Electrical design engineer, KONČAR – Instrument transformers


There was no thorough experience regarding instrument transformers filled with biodegradable liquids. This fact called for extensive dielectric and other types of testing to verify its insulation system. The prototypes which have been examined were filled with two different types of biodegradable liquids: MIDEL 7131 and Nynas Nytro BIO 300 X. Both liquids have been successfully implemented, thereby also creating a large base of accompanying results and experience.


Luka Kovacic is an electrical engineer with over 8 years of experience. He is currently employed at KONČAR – Instrument transformers as an electrical designer. He holds a master’s degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Zagreb, with a specialisation in electric machines and drives, power electronics and automation. He is currently enrolled in a postgraduate specialist programme „Transformers“ at the same institution.

He has been with the company for over two years, as a member of electrical design engineering and the sales/business development departments.

His areas of interest within the company product scope are power voltage transformers and inductive voltage transformers, as well as transformer faults and failure mode analysis.


  • Marcel Hilgers, Head of Customers, Markets & Technology


Marcel believes in listening to his customers and creating solutions to serve their true needs. With over 20 year experience in global steel business, and thereof more than 10 years serving the transformer industry, he now works intensely on the green transformation of both, steel and transformers.

Marcel leads the sales, technical customer engineering and communications team at thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel – the European and Indian market leader in grain oriented electrical steel.

His key priority today is to inform the electricity industry about options to decarbonize the grid and to form alliances across raw material suppliers, transformer makers and electric utilities.

Siemens Energy

  • Tarik Radwan, Strategic Sales Manager for IoT & Edge Solutions at Siemens Energy.


“Digitalization is transforming the power industry by enabling the integration of data and advanced analytics to optimize asset performance, reduce costs, and enhance grid reliability. In particular, the digitalization of power transformers has become an increasingly critical component of this transformation. Digitalization allows for real-time monitoring of transformer performance, predictive maintenance, and advanced analytics to identify and diagnose potential issues before they lead to equipment failure or power outages. Our expert will give a comprehensive overview on the benefits of digitalization in power transformers and how it is enhancing their performance. We will examine the key technologies involved, including sensors, data analytics, and machine learning algorithms, and discuss how they are being used to improve transformer efficiency, extend transformer life, and enhance grid stability. We will also discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by this digital transformation and discuss how organizations can leverage these technologies to stay ahead of the curve.”



Tarik Radwan works as Strategic Sales Manager for IoT & Edge Solutions at Siemens Energy, Germany.

He started his career in 2015 as a Sales Manager for Transformer Lifecycle Management with Siemens Transformer Service in Brazil, since then has focused on Service, Condition Monitoring and Digitalization of Transformers. Tarik conducted the launch of the Sensproducts IoT portfolio and drove the market entry of Siemens Energy’s IoT portfolio to the Latin Americas market both from a Sales and Delivery perspective.

Since 2022 he’s working with Siemens Energy Digital Grid in Germany, taking the Lead on Strategic Sales Initiatives and Global Go-to-Market of Siemens Energy’s IoT & Edge portfolio.


  • Marco Milone


The SBG-SMIT Group considers sustainability a crucial part of its business strategy, recognizing the responsibility for addressing climate change as it conducts its activities in the energy sector. In recent years, the Group has intensified its efforts to meet its sustainability goals through the use of digitalization concepts. Digitalization serves as a foundation for the development of new design tools, digital twins, the validation and introduction of new materials and technology, and the transformation of daily operations. This presentation will showcase concrete examples of digitalization applications in transformer design tools, as well as research and development activities


Marco Milone received the M. Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy and the MBA degree from SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milano, Italy in 1999 and 2004, respectively.

Mr. Milone has been actively engaged in transformer design and engineering since 2000. Since 2005 he has held several global management positions in transformer technology. He worked at the ABB Power transformer factories in Italy, Poland, and Germany.

Since 2020, Mr. Milone has been with the SGB-SMIT Group, where he is currently the Group Technology Manager (CTO).

His main areas of research interest are management of R&D teams, innovation management, simulation of high voltage and high current fields, electrical machine design, power transformer design and failure analysis, short circuit duties in power transformers, and alternative fluids for HV applications. He is an active member of IEC TC 14 with contributions as MT member for IEC 60076-1, 60076-5, 61378-3.


Hitachi Energy

  • Carlos Martin, Application Engineering Lead Transformers, Europe


At Hitachi Energy, our purpose is to advance a sustainable energy future for all, and we are delivering this through our pioneering innovation combined with our strong belief in the value of collaboration and tackling the challenge together.

The Energy Transition that our planet now needs, brings with it many challenges. To achieve our decarbonisation goals will require extensive investment in new electric power infrastructure, but this alone will not be enough. Digitalization is the only way to manage this complexity and deliver the necessary visibility, agility and fast, data-driven decision-making across an entire business.

Today more than at any time in the history of generation, transmission and distribution, we need the benefits of domain knowledge and support of intelligent insights to ensure reliable grid operation – join us to learn how Hitachi Energy’s open, scalable and manufacture agnostic Ecosystem can bring you Real World benefits today, tomorrow and in the future.



Carlos Martín, Application Engineering Manager Hub Europe from Hitachi Energy has almost two decades of experience covering engineering, project management, consultancy, and Marketing & Sales.He has been active in the Power Electricity sector for over 17 years where he took various roles in different companies and countries. On 2018 he joined Hitachi Energy and since 2021 he acts in his current role he focuses on Transformers applications to make our grids and industry more robust and sustainable.

Gradska kavana Arsenal Restaurant & Bar
Est. 1895

The Gradska kavana Arsenal restaurant is near Dubrovnik’s main square, Luža, located in the very heart of the historic district, where for centuries the destiny of the Dubrovnik Republic was planned and where its leaders carefully guarded their most cherished value, which was not for sale for any amount of gold. – libertas – the freedom of Dubrovnik.

In the immediate vicinity of the café are two palaces which symbolize the statehood of the Dubrovnik Republic: Sponza Palace (on Luža square itself), which once served as the customs building and mint, and the Rector’s Palace, the seat of the government and residence of the Rector, the ruler of the Republic.

As our guest you will have a chance to experience the atmosphere of the Mediterranean meal, from selected local ingredients, ennobling age-old recipes with modern culinary techniques.

The gala dinner is sponsored by CoiltechCoiltech



  • Barry Menzies,


Sustainability and Circularity are two critical concepts driving economic, industrial and societal change worldwide, and the electrical infrastructure sector is feeling real pressure to adapt, change and improve. Intensifying urban growth, regulatory changes, effective asset management, the drive for integrating renewable generation and battery storage, bottom line financial pressure, and improving human and environmental conditions, are all factors that influence decisions made by utilities, substation designers and transformer manufacturers.  Against this background, there is a growing recognition of the role to be played by ester-based transformer insulating liquids. Synthetic and Natural esters have become an established alternative that enable cost and carbon savings in substation designs due to being less flammable and readily biodegradable, while also delivering operational flexibility and the potential to extend asset life. But there are important distinctions to be made, and questions to be asked, about the ester liquid landscape, not least about what happens at end of life? This presentation will answer such questions and more, while clearly delineating a case for embedding MIDEL ester liquids as a key element in delivering a truly sustainable future for people and the places where they live.


Barry Menzies is the managing director for MIDEL Dielectric Fluids, Global.  Barry studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Bradford in the UK while being sponsored by BP International, and an MBA at Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh.  The majority of his career has been in chemical manufacturing including engineering, manufacturing and commercial roles in Unilever, ICI and INEOS in both Europe and Asia-Pacific. Barry joined M&I Materials in 2011 as Commercial Director prior to his current position as Managing Director MIDEL.


  • Arune Pasukonyte, European Renewable Energy Business Development Lead and sustainability advisor


Sustainability continues to grow as one of the most important criteria in the power industry, but cannot come at the expense of performance and reliability. Learn how FR3 natural ester can help advance your company’s sustainability commitments while also making transformers more reliable and higher performing. Made from over > 95 % renewable vegetable oil, FR3 natural ester is carbon neutral and 100 % biodegradable. It extends a transformer’s lifespan while also safely allowing for increased loading capacity compared to mineral oil, helping make transformers better.


Arune is the European Renewable Energy Business Development Lead and sustainability advisor in Cargill’s Bioindustrial division. She has 15 years of experience growing and developing complex global businesses, including several years working at a leading European transformer OEM selling transformers into a wide variety of applications. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in International Business Development from the University of Verona.



  • Dr. Kristie Armstrong, Technical Project Manager and sustainability specialist


Long before the world’s attention turned to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts, Ergon’s culture and values were built around Doing Right with our products, for our planet, by our people, and through our principles. As a world-leading supplier of transformer liquids (HyVolt), Ergon has a unique perspective as a refiner on making cleaner products, supporting and protecting our people and our communities today and for future generations, and ensuring the continued success of the organization upon which so many people around the world depend. This presentation will highlight the progress Ergon has made on the path forward to meet the sustainability needs of the market and to further reduce the environmental impact of its facilities, products, and supply chain.



Dr. Kristie Armstrong is the Technical Projects Manager and sustainability specialist for Ergon Energy & Specialty Solutions. In this role, she facilitates the organization and execution of sustainability, product development, and strategic projects. She has been with Ergon for eight years and previously managed the E&SS Research & Insights lab. She is a member of the E&SS Community Outreach Committee which coordinates opportunities to serve, rebuild, protect, and give back to the Ergon communities in which we serve. She has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Mississippi State University and a PhD in analytical chemistry from the University of Tennessee, and is a certified Project Management Professional.


  • Jean Sanchez, Senior transformer engineer


Sustainable development has been an increasing concern in all technical fields for quite a while. At EDF, a power generation utility, we are looking more and more into detail at how to handle this issue practically. On the hydroelectric side, we aim to calculate the carbon impact of a whole power plant and then up to the transformer. Furthermore, we are still looking at the best way to correctly convert manufacturing and operation losses impact, and we will show a few examples of how we are looking at it.

On the other hand, we have been moving to monitor an increasing number of devices in our power plant (dams, runners, vibrations, temperatures, generators, etc.) for nearly ten years and have developed accordingly an organization that can handle it correctly on a large scale. We will present our organization at three levels of diagnosis, from the plant to specialized teams. Regarding transformers, we will show how we manage oil-dissolved gas analysis (DGA) and bushing monitoring since last year to prevent major failures in service.

Finally, we will present a few cases of how we utilized the benefits of good teamwork to deal with transformer monitoring systems and let transformers with inner faults in service for a specific period.


Jean SANCHEZ is senior transformer engineer at EDF, French main generation utility, mostly on investigations, tests and its associated diagnosis, FAT, HV bushings, fleet assessments. He completed a PhD degree on power transformers fault diagnosis in 2011 with a French power transformer reparation factory.

Koncar-Electrical Engineering Institute

  • Vedran Jerbic, Principal Engineer


Transformer insulation is known to deteriorate over time due to a range of stresses including electrical, thermal, mechanical, and environmental factors. Transient overvoltages caused by lightning strikes and switching operations can result in electrical stress, while the presence of partial discharge (PD) activity is a reliable indicator of insulation degradation, particularly when its trend is increasing. Power transformer failures are frequently attributed to bushing failures, which can cause severe damage and even result in fires. To prevent such failures, it is essential to monitor all of these parameters and diagnose problems at an early stage, enabling transformer users to plan maintenance activities promptly.


Vedran JerbiC was born on 11 September 1984 in Zagreb, Croatia. He received his Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering and Computing in Zagreb 2008 while working on the development of electronic devices for application in harsh environment for the oil and gas industry. He joined KONČAR -Electrical Engineering Institute in 2009 where his main area of work was designing sensors, embedded systems and signal processing algorithms used for monitoring of critical assets in power generation, distribution and transmission. His main field of expertise is electronic design and digital signal processing, particularly implemented in FPGA.

In 2010, he led the development of algorithms and data acquisition platform used for bushing monitoring. Since 2012 his focus has been development of partial discharge monitoring methods and devices, which resulted in KONČAR propriety partial discharge monitoring solution launched in 2020. From 2016 until 2018, he led development of new generation of transient overvoltage monitoring device which is integrated in KONČAR transformer monitoring solution. Currently, Vedran is working on new monitoring solutions and improvements of existing ones by using modern digital communication technologies.



  • Frédéric DOLLINGER, Area Sales & Marketing Manager


The world is undergoing a massive transformation, and in this period, energy transition, sustainability, and digitalization are at the forefront of our collective consciousness. As the transformer industry navigates this new landscape, it faces both exciting opportunities and daunting challenges. This presentation will delve into the crucial elements that industry professionals must understand to stay ahead of the curve and embrace disruptive change. Specifically, we will explore how these trends are shaping the testing of transformers, and what key strategies and approaches will be necessary to thrive in the face of unprecedented change.


Frédéric Dollinger works for HAEFELY since 2012, at the factory located in Basel, Switzerland. Successively as Product & Marketing Manager and then Area Sales & Marketing Manager, he has travelled globally to various customers for project discussions and finalization. This has allowed him to acquire wide application experience and deep product knowledge. He is also attending the main international exhibitions and participates as a speaker at technical seminars. With the launch of the DTTS – Distribution Transformer Test System – in 2012, he was an active player in introducing this new product on the market and promoting it as a standardized test system with reduced cycle time.

His specialized field of activity is transformer test systems as well as any other applications with frequency converter-based technology, such as on-site cable testing with variable frequency. He is knowledgeable about American standard IEEE C57.12.90-1999 and European standard IEC 60076 (and the other related standards), for routine and type tests on power and distribution transformers.

Background: In 2007, he received a master’s degree in Mechatronics from the renowned French engineering school INSA. He worked as Project Manager and Sales Manager for MiniTec Zurich.


  • Leonardo Maschietto, Regional director


Leonardo Maschietto is an experienced senior executive in B2B international environment, with over 35 years of managerial experience.

He currently holds the position of Regional Director at PTTX Wuxi Putian Iron Core – a leading company headquartered in Wuxi, China, providing the transformers manufacturers market with low losses and low thickness grain-oriented electrical steel.

Leonardo entered the energy business with MV, HV and UHV insulators for transmission and distribution, having as reference customers utilities, EPC, and OEMs.

The experience and networking achieved in the insulator business, as well as a long relationship with the Chinese energy industry, provide a solid background to start cooperation with PTTX Wuxi Putian Iron Core as a European-origin resident manager.

With his commercial, technical and communication skills with internal and external stakeholders, solid international and geopolitical culture, and fluency in six foreign languages, Leonardo successfully brings growth in private and venture capital environments.


  • Marius Grisaru, , Consultant



Marius Grisaru is on a mission to support electrical engineers and transformer owners who maintain and run their priceless assets by carrying out the necessary oil testing and treatment. He has had more than 31 years of unique experience in global consulting, sampling, carrying out significant insulating oil tests, and transformer diagnosis – from design and energising to post-mortem examination. He is a trained electrician and holds an M.S. in analytical chemistry.

Mr. Grisaru has been publishing columns in Transformers Magazine since 2014 and, in addition. He has authored and co-authored a series of technical articles, IEC standards, CIGRE brochures, and presentations at international conferences on analytical chemistry of insulating oils and DGA.

SCM Consulting

Ufuk Kivrak


Ufuk Kivrak has BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering. He has had more than 25 years of industrial experience in transformers and power grid industries. He has worked for ABB in several management positions in Turkey, Thailand, and Switzerland. He led the Supply Chain Management organisation of ABB transformer business globally from 2003 to 2015, which included explosive growth of transformer market from 2003 to 2008, followed by a market collapse in 2009 and onwards. In 2015, he joined Alstom Grid as VP-Strategic Sourcing and continued as Head of Strategic Sourcing in GE Grid Solutions after Alstom was acquired by GE. Currently, he is the Managing Director of SCM Consulting GmbH.


The city ramparts are considered to be one of the most grandiose fortification monuments in Europe.

The Dubrovnik City Walls are the major attraction for any visitor, being one of the best preserved fortification systems in Europe. The 1940-metre long walls include five fortresses and sixteen towers and bastions. The Walls are open for visitors all year round. There are three entrances to the Walls: one next to St. Luke’s Church in the east (opposite of the Dominican Church), one next to St. Saviour’s Church opposite the Big Onofrio Fountain, and one next to the Maritime Museum at St John’s Fortress. A walk along the Walls shows some of the most impressive construction undertakes.
There are five fortresses, of which Minčeta, Bokar and St. John’s make integral parts of the Walls, and the other two – St Lawrence’s in the west and The Revelin in the east, stand separately outside the integrated defence system. Located at the highest point of the City, Fortress Minčeta served to protect Dubrovnik from the north.
The Fortress is the symbol of Dubrovnik’s defence, the Croatian flag flies on its top at all times, and in the summer the Libertas flag, the symbol of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is added. In the southwest, Fortress Bokar, also called Zvjezdan, stands at the corner of the City Walls facing St. Lawrence’s Fortress across the bay. It was constructed in the 16th century to protect the small City harbour, the moat around the Walls, and the Pile Bridge. Today it houses a collection of stone fragments from the Dubrovnik area. Built in 1346, St John’s Fortress is the first quadrangular pier tower for the protection of the City harbour from the southeast. A chain across the entrance to the harbour to prevent any unwanted visitors at night was controlled by a winch from the Fortress. An Aquarium is located in the Fortress’s ground floor, while the first and the second floors house the Maritime Museum.
At the foot of St John’s Fortress there is a pier with a beacon – the well-known Porporela, a traditional meeting place for romance, a promenade and a swimming spot popular especially with the residents of the Old City. From Porporela one can see Fortress Revelin standing at the eastern entrance outside the City Walls. The stone and wood drawbridge connects the imposing Fortress with the land, and another stone bridge connects it with the City. Surrounded by a moat on three sides and by the sea on the fourth, the Fortress was a part of the City which was effectively impregnable. Although constructed in an earlier period, The Revelin acquired its present day dimensions and shape in the 16th century. The interior of the Fortress and its terraces serve as concert venues for the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. The Culture Club Revelin is a world wide popular place to spend a night to good club music.nd at the Fortress of St. Luke.

Study visit

During the Sustainability and Digitalization 2023 conference, the participants will have the opportunity to attend a study visit to the Plat substation near Dubrovnik.

Substation Plat 220/110/35/10(20) kV is one of the most advanced substations of the Croatian Transmission System Operator. There are five transformers in total: two Končar’s autotransformers of 150 MVA, 220/110 kV, with voltage regulation, one 20 MVA, 110/35 kV transformer, one 20 MVA, 110/10 kV transformer, and one 16 MVA, 35/10 kV transformer, 220 kV Siemens’ GIS, and 110 kV Končar’s GIS.

TS Plat


Conference fee

USD 990

Conference fee
Attendee and accompanying person

USD 1,680

Option for those who do not use PayPal or credit card money transfer

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