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EDF presentation: Transformer sustainability considerations from EDF Hydro power plants

EDF Hydro is buying many different GSU transformers every year since very long, and it tried to value some sustainability issues time to time.

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This presentation will focus on a few tries which were done to assess transformer carbon footprint on new and old transformers, some feedback with alternative liquid insulation, and some reflections on how to better value sustainability aspects of transformers procurement especially.


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Jean Sanchez


Jean SANCHEZ is senior transformer engineer at EDF, French main generation utility, mostly on investigations, tests and its associated diagnosis, FAT, HV bushings, fleet assessments. He completed a PhD degree on power transformers fault diagnosis in 2011 with a French power transformer reparation factory.

Herve Dumas


Hervé DUMAS is transformer expert at EDF Hydro power plants engineering, French main generation utility. He works on generation transformers (GSU) installed in Hydro power plants, and is in charge of standards specifications for buying new transformers, expertise and diagnosis of this components and supervision of maintenance and replacement operations. He did most of his career in electrical engineering projects for Hydro power plants.