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Koncar D&ST presentation: Carbon footprint of oil immersed transformers

Constant increase in the greenhouse gas emissions leads to a greater interest of the customers, employees and shareholders in the environmental impact of their activities, products and services.

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Carbon Footprint of a Product (CFP) is term closely related to the greenhouse gas emissions which is described within the standard ISO 14067:2018 Carbon footprint of products. The CFP is considered as a total of the greenhouse emissions generated during the life cycle of a product – from raw material acquisition or generation from natural resources to dispatch from the factory or final disposal, depending on the system boundaries.

In Končar D&ST, used functional unit was the product – oil immersed transformer, in different product variations. The Life Cycle Assessment scope used in CFP study was “cradle to grave” – it covers the CFP from the acquisition of the raw materials (“cradle”) up to end of life of the product (“grave”). The objectives of product life cycle calculations in Končar D&ST were to reduce the use of natural resources and emissions to the environment, as well as to improve social performance at different stages of the product life cycle.

According to the company’s sustainability strategy CFP has been recognized as an opportunity for transparent communication to interested parties about its carbon management.

In this way company could achieve greener products and processes, competitive advantage in the market and improved platform that will meet the needs of the changing business climate.

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Ines Kolaric

Ines Kolarić joined Končar Distribution and Special Transformers Inc. in 2019 at the position of management system development engineer. Her previous work experience was as expert advisor in the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy. Ines has over a decade experience in environmetal topics.  In Končar D&ST she has been working as a responsible person for environmental protection, sustainability, waste management and chemicals. In recent years she has been working as a team leader on Carbon Footprint of Product projects for medium power transformers.

Vlatka Serkinic

Vlatka Šerkinić works as a management system development engineer in Končar Distribution and Special Transformers Inc. for 10 years already. In recent years she has been working as a team leader on Carbon Footprint of Product projects for distribution transformers which help to determine environmental impact of a single distribution transformer. Furthermore, she’s maintaining documentation within the scope of environmental protection as well as handling questions regarding sustainability, raw material passport, environmental regulations, chemicals and other.

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