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    Marius Grisaru presentation: Sustainable oil economy – how to save one million litres of insulating liquid p. a.

    Marius Grisaru presentation - illustration 850 x 400 px

    Insulating liquid oils should be spared inside the transformer, as the ratio of oil volume to kV has been decreasing in the last decades.

    To become more sustainable, oil resources should be preserved and their disposal minimized. Of course, users are also interested in saving them due to a continuous price increase. The audience will hear about significant and technically justified tactics to annually save at least 1 million litres of this precious resource worldwide.

    See the slides here

    About the author

    Marius Grisaru

    Marius Grisaru is an electroanalytical chemist, expert on oil test domain focus on dissolved gas analysis from planning, sampling, testing to diagnosis. Marius has a vast worldwide experience on all relevant aspects and debates them among the fellow experts around the globe. Enthusiast educator of scientific subjects.

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