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Nynas presentation: Circularity – A necessary part of sustainability

In recent years alternative insulating liquids have been a topic of much discussion.

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Traditional naphthenic mineral insulating oils still offer many advantages but other options such as re-refined mineral oils and bio-based hydrocarbons can add additional value to the user. It is evident sustainability is becoming a key attribute when it comes to insulating liquid selection. In this presentation we will discuss two new alternative fluids and how these alternatives contribute to sustainability.

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Marika Rangstedt


With an MSc in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Marika joined Nynas in 1999. She has held various positions within R&D, including Technical Advisor and Manager of the Technical Development and Market Support department. The most recent years Marika has as Manager Sustainable Development been working with projects and other initiatives in the area of sustainability and developing the basis for Nynas’ sustainability ambition and strategy. She is based at Nynas’ headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.