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    PTTX presentation: Grain oriented steel for a greener planet

    PTTX illustration - 850 x 400 px

    Grain Oriented steel and the core made with it is the pulsing heart of a transformer.

    PTTX sustainable products made of grain oriented steel are able to help transformer manufacturers to attain sustainable results by reducing transformer weight and increasing efficiency with a state-of-the-art low and ultra low losses GO steel range.

    See the slides here

    About the author

    Leonardo Maschietto


    Leonardo Maschietto is an experienced senior executive in B2B international environment, with over 35 years of managerial experience.

    He currently holds the position of Regional Director at PTTX Wuxi Putian Iron Core – a leading company headquartered in Wuxi, China, providing the transformers manufacturers market with low losses and low thickness grain-oriented electrical steel.

    Leonardo entered the energy business with MV, HV and UHV insulators for transmission and distribution, having as reference customers utilities, EPC, and OEMs.

    The experience and networking achieved in the insulator business, as well as a long relationship with the Chinese energy industry, provide a solid background to start cooperation with PTTX Wuxi Putian Iron Core as a European-origin resident manager.

    With his commercial, technical and communication skills with internal and external stakeholders, solid international and geopolitical culture, and fluency in six foreign languages, Leonardo successfully brings growth in private and venture capital environments.

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