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    SCM Consulting presentation: Green supply chains for transformer industry

    SCM consulting - illustration 850 x 400 px

    The carbon footprint of transformers during the life cycle, including raw materials, production and operation stages have been analysed. Primary raw materials are discussed regarding their contribution to the carbon footprint. As the largest contributor to carbon footprint, the steel industry is discussed in detail.

    The current investments and commercial offerings for green steel are presented. The enormous challenges, the steel industry faces to reach carbon neutral status in 2050 and the revolutionary changes in steel making process are discussed. The same points are also presented for the copper, aluminium and oil industries. Some sample carbon footprints of different transformer types (LPT, SPT, DT with copper or aluminium) are also included. It is also explained that the transport industry is a major contributor to global emissions and the transport of transformers creates a significant carbon footprint. As the last point, it is discussed how the transformer industry could contribute to decarbonization efforts in their factories and during the operation stage of the transformers and some suggestions have been made.

    See the slides here

    About the author

    Ufuk Kivrak

    SCM Consulting

    Ufuk Kivrak has BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering. He has had more than 25 years of industrial experience in transformers and power grid industries. He has worked for ABB in several management positions in Turkey, Thailand, and Switzerland. He led the Supply Chain Management organisation of ABB transformer business globally from 2003 to 2015, which included explosive growth of transformer market from 2003 to 2008, followed by a market collapse in 2009 and onwards. In 2015, he joined Alstom Grid as VP-Strategic Sourcing and continued as Head of Strategic Sourcing in GE Grid Solutions after Alstom was acquired by GE. Currently, he is the Managing Director of SCM Consulting GmbH.

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