Siemens Energy presentation II - 850 x 400 px

Siemens Energy presentation I: Enabling the energy transition by providing sustainable products and solutions for the grid

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Sustainability is one of the top priorities of our times. It has many levels: inclusion & diversitiy, health & safety as well as decarbonization of our business.

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No matter, which aspect we highlight, the goal is common: saving our planet and saving the future of the next generations. But how can we enable the energy transition and achieve net zero? What are the main levers for decarbonizing transformers? The session is looking for answers to the questions above and also gives an insight, on how to set new market standards and become more and more sustainable.

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Christina Iosifidou

Siemens Energy

Christina Iosifidou is the Head of Sustainability Grid Technologies at Siemens Energy. In this role, she drives the decarbonization of products, solutions and services across the value chain. She holds a Masters degree in business engineering from Technical University of Berlin and started her carreer at Siemens Energy as PLM for Large Power Transformers, where she later worked as Global Innovation Sales Manager and gained valuable experiences in Austria and Brazil too. She strongly believes that decarbonization is not a choice; it’s a must to protect our planet for future generations. Achiving net zero is possible only by joining hands together, and for this goal, she involves all the relevant stakeholders to discuss strategies and most importantly to act.