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    thyssenkrupp presentation: Decarbonizing the Energy World

    thyssenkrupp illustration - 850 x 400 px

    Our customers (transformer makers) and their customers (utilities, etc.) have ambitious decarbonization targets – and sustainability is a key priority. Now it is time to walk the talk for all of us. How can we as an essential raw material supplier support this?

    How can we ourselves decarbonize our product and, by this, support the targets of our customers? tkES is truly committed to decarbonizing itself and, with this, supporting our customers and the electricity industry. We believe that CO2-reduced steel and grid assets are a must in a carbon-sensitive industry. With our product, we represent a base material for the energy transition and we continue to work on improving the quality (magnetic losses, noise, reliability). Energy transition and decarbonization go hand in hand, and CO2-reduced steel is the most efficient lever to decarbonize transformers. With this background, we aim to inform our customers and their customers about solutions for decarbonization, and initiate a discussion on these activities. Ultimately, we can only change (the electricity world to green) if we do it together and involve all stakeholders and regulations.

    See the slides here

    About the author

    Marcel Hilgers


    Marcel believes in listening to his customers and creating solutions to serve their true needs. With over 20 year experience in global steel business, and thereof more than 10 years serving the transformer industry, he now works intensely on the green transformation of both, steel and transformers.

    Marcel leads the sales, technical customer engineering and communications team at thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel – the European and Indian market leader in grain oriented electrical steel.

    His key priority today is to inform the electricity industry about options to decarbonize the grid and to form alliances across raw material suppliers, transformer makers and electric utilities.

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