Course: Contract management in the transformer industry

Contract Management in the Transformer Industry - course illustration 850 x 400

This master class for non-legal managers and executives represents CM explained in and simple language. Introduction to the basic principles of contract law as enforced in the transformer manufacturing will be given, aiming to ensure a basic insight and understanding for non-legal staff. Intermediate and master’s level on this topic will develop the concepts and greater knowledge base, and require greater input and interaction from the attendees. The programme is suited for project and contract managers and support staff, sales executives and staff, procurement managers and staff, technical managers and staff, engineering managers and support staff and financial managers and support staff. Subscribe to Basic level or Intermediate level. Master’s level will be conducted based on the interest in the Intermediate level. To see the entire syllabus, check out the Contract Management course brochure.


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Chris Gerber

Chris Gerber is a former Transformer OEM CEO with noticeable experience in transformer contracts and project management. He has worked for and with some of the most noticeable transformer utilities in Africa, the Middle East and Europe as well as several transformer manufacturers in Europe over the last 15 plus years. His practical experience and insight offers a unique reflection on the world of the project and contract manager in the transformer industry. He is amongst others a former university lecturer in business management and holds degrees from the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and the VUB in Brussels, Belgium.

Chris Gerber