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The first course on transformer oils with absolutely no commercial axe to grind since it is delivered by an independent professional consultant. This course is also the first of its kind to highlight and discuss most of the critical areas of interest to the targeted audience.

The course is intended for utility engineers / chemists, transformer and oil manufacturers, students and faculty of educational institutes, oil testing laboratories, utility staff etc. It will be conducted on three levels – basic, intermediate and masters. Choose the level which suits your needs best! To see the entire syllabus, use the Transformer Oil course brochure



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Dr. Narasimhan holds PhD in chemistry from a premier institute IIT Madras, Chennai (India), with a long experience of about 40 years. He has been working in corporate R&D centers of multinational companies ever since he completed his PhD in 1978.
He was heading R&D at Savita Oil Technologies in Mumbai for 20 years, until his recent retirement.
His R&D work includes: developing a variety of grades of transformer oils based on paraffinic oils, naphthenic oils, natural esters and synthetic esters,
application development in transformers, developing additives for transformer oils, studying oxidation behavior, moisture dynamics in oil-filled transformers, studies on dielectric properties of mineral oils and esters (impulse & power frequency), insulation paper ageing studies in mineral oils and ester oils published papers in the recent ICDL conference in Rome and 9 papers in IEEE conferences on dielectric properties of ester oils and mineral oils, and more.
He has published more than 30 papers, of which 15 are on transformer oils, and is proud of his six patents.
He has been an invited speaker at conferences in India and abroad, as well as delivered lectures at seminars conducted by Weidman in Europe. He is a member of two IEC committees on oil standards and a member of two CIGRE committees on oils.

CS Narasimhan


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