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    Transformer specification

    This unique course is authored and presented by the two experts – Juan Albiger and Marcos Ferreira.

    Here you will find knowledge and information exceeding the one available in the electrical engineering books. The authors provide instructions for becoming
    a true expert, regardless of your previous level of experience; all you need to have is the will to learn.

    The target audience are utility engineers, especially those responsible for the power transformers procurement process, manufacturers and salespeople / sales representatives, students and everybody who wishes to understand the basic principles of ensuring that power transformers are fit for their purpose.

    If you want to see the entire syllabus, please check the Transformer Specification course brochure. Then you can choose the level that suits your needs best.

    Transformer specification course illustration

    Basic Level

    Basic Level

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    Intermediate level

    Intermediate Level

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    Master level

    Advanced Level

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    All levels

    All Levels

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    About the author

    Juan Albiger 300 x 300

    Juan Albiger

    Juan Albiger is an electrical engineer with over 15 years of experience in power transformer procurement process.
    He is specialized in HV substation equipment: preparing technical specifications, performing factory inspections, and managing commissioning and maintenance.
    Mr. Albiger is Grid Solutions Manager in a global company responsible for large scale PV projects grid connections.

    He was also Head of Department responsible for ensuring the procurement and commissioning of high voltage substation equipment, power transformers and reactors that are fit for purpose.

    Marcos Ferreira

    Marcos Ferreira

    Marcos Ferreira is an electrical engineer experienced in designing, managing, and coordinating projects relating to transmission, distribution, and communications. He works on installation and replacement of HV substation equipment based on standard design including system protection and commissioning. His areas of expertise also include interpreting and applying the National Electrical Codes (NEC) as a project manager (including scoping a project based on PRD – Project Requirement Diagram, Chapter 9 Tables & Annex C), as well as maintaining and testing substation HV equipment and providing technical support for planning and operation groups.

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