Cigre 2020 e-session

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  • Location: Delivered using the CIGRE Academy webinar technology
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The CIGRE e-session will be delivered using the CIGRE Academy webinar technology and run over nine days from Monday 24 August, to Thursday 3 September, 2020. This unprecedented event will offer a vast wealth of power system expertise, digitally shared from across the global CIGRE community.


The e-session is a must see event for the serious professional that allows delegates to customise their experience to support their own ‘power system expertise’ requirements.


The event will be opened on the Monday by current President Rob Stephen. Rob will update us on the exciting progress CIGRE is making across the global power system. This will be followed by Anne Olhoff’s keynote address ’Emissions gap report 2019’. Anne is Head of Strategy; Climate Planning and Policy at UNEP DTU Partnership. The opening ceremony will then conclude with CIGRE’s 2020 awards presentations. This will be followed by nearly two weeks of webinar presentations, tutorials, and workshops for delegates to choose from. These will be delivered over four parallel webinar channels.


Presentation of papers

Over the two week period CIGRE will offer ten minute author presentations on over 800 in-depth technical papers. These papers come from across the entire end-to-end scope of CIGRE and its preferential subjects for 2020. Each has been selected through the rigorous CIGRE process following the culmination of two years of work. All papers will then be available to delegates for download in the normal manner.


For professionals seeking the latest industry knowledge this is a unique opportunity to select the papers of greatest relevance and join those presentations.


Study Committee workshops and tutorials

CIGRE’s 16 Study Committees will complement the paper presentations with a series of 16 tutorials and five workshops over the same two week period. As with the papers, delegates will be able to select the best events for their needs.


Special Reporters

Special Reporters will follow the 2020 online paper presentations and, based on the information they gather, will modify and present their Special Reports for debate and review at the 2021 Centennial Session.


Full details of the e-session programme will be published soon. Be sure to follow CIGRE on LinkedIn, or twitter, or monitor our websites for the release of the 2020 e-session programme. It will be a uniquely high value event for power system expertise.