Coiltech Deutschland 2022


The international exhibition for machinery and materials for the production of electrical motors, generators, transformers and winding

Meet customers and future buyers

In the past years, exhibitors kept asking us: “Why don’t you hold Coiltech with its easy, quick, and customer-oriented format also in Germany?”

Our approach to this invitation was always: we will only do this given the possibility to achieve a Coiltech in Germany with the same characteristics that made the show successful in Pordenone (a summary of the past 10 editions is available on our website) :

A format that aims at an outstanding cost-/benefit relationship;

  • Close to the market;
  • Easy to reach;
  • Low cost;
  • Customer-friendly.

After having conducted a feasibility study, we discussed our ideas with several exhibitors, and we are now ready to launch Coiltech Ulm on April 1st and 2nd 2020. The current exhibitor list is now available.

Check out event’s homepage to know more.