Introduction to transformers – e-lesson #4: Equivalent circuit of a transformer


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Join us on 22nd May at 4 pm CET for the fourth lesson of the Introduction to transformers course by Mr Orlando Giraldo, hosted on the Intermediate level. Here you can save your seat for the live or on-demand event.

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The content of this lesson is fully vendor agnostic but it is sponsored by The H-J Family of Companies. 

Continue to learn the following:

  • No load losses and excitation power calculation example
  • No Load Losses Test in Transformers
  • Separation of hysteresis and Eddy current losses in a core by the method of the 2 frequencies. Formulas and example
  • Equivalent Circuit of the Transformer
  • Polarity marks and direction of the current in the windings
  • Additive and Subtractive Polarity
  • Basic equations of an ideal transformer – Voltage Ratio