Coiltech Italia 2022

  • Date:
  • Location: Italy, Pordenone
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Coiltech has become a permanent part of the Coil Winding industry’s calendar

At the show

• Electrical steel;
• Insulation materials and resins;
• Magnet wire;
• Laminations – motors and transformers;
• Coil winding machines – motors and transformers;
• Aluminum die casting;
• Test equipment;
• Impregnation and encapsulation equipment;
• Magnetic cores;
• Transformer coils;
• Development software;
• Bearings and permanent magnets;
• Accessories – motors and transformers.

At Coiltech, you get a lot of things done in a short time

• the compact exhibition format allows a complete overview and visit within one day, creating a professional atmosphere, where it’s a pleasure to discuss projects with partners and suppliers;

• the clear and compact exhibition structure allows a maximum of straight face-to-face contacts between customers and suppliers;

• the average size of the booth is less than 20 sqm; it means a higher partner concentration in the same area and more meetings in less time;

• the exhibition has a horizontal development; all on the same level and at hand, without long walking distances that create a waste of time during the visit of the fair (for example the passage from the first floor to the second);

• the venue is located in the heart of one of Europe’s most interesting areas for the Coil&Winding industry. It is excellently connected with low-cost flights, high-speed trains within walking distance, and jam-free motorways.

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