Sustainability and Digitalization 2023

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  • Location: Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik Hotel, Dubrovnik, Croatia
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Transformers Magazine’s Industry Navigator conference brings together industry leaders to share their perspectives and collaborate on the best approaches for improving sustainability within the transformer industry. The event provides an opportunity for all parties to present their views and engage in discussions with other stakeholders.

Sustainability and Digitalization are the trends that probably have the most pronounced impact on the future of society, and thus our industry.

Transformers Magazine has been covering these topics in both regular and special editions, Transformers Academy features numerous lectures on the same topics, while the Industry Navigator conference and research are completely focused on them.

Supported by world-renown 16 expert companies as partners last year, the conference is a unique industry-wide event that brings together decision-makers and high-ranking experts from power utilities, transformer manufacturers, and suppliers of materials and components. All parties have a chance to present their views and discuss the matter with other stakeholders, with the objective to identify the best approaches for the development of the industry.

Study visits to state-of-the-art plants are an integral part of the conference.