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The magnetic circuit: Introduction to transformers by Orlando Giraldo

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Attend to learn about the following:

  • The magnetic core
  • Ferromagnetic materials used in transformer core manufacturing
  • Magnetization and hysteresis curve
  • Fundamental equation of transformers
  • Design and construction of the transformer core
  • Types of cores for distribution and power transformers
  • Machinery to manufacture cores for distribution and power transformers
  • Noise, magnetostriction, resonance
  • Core losses (eddy losses and hysteresis losses) and separation method. Numerical examples
  • No load losses test in transformers; circuit considerations
  • Procedure to calculate core losses for wound cores and for stacked cores; numerical examples

The author is Mr. Orlando Giraldo


This session will be held in the week 25 (between 20 and 26 June).

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