Transformer specification course #10, by Juan Albiger: Teaching about tenders

This lesson is the tenth in the entire course and also the fourth on the Master’s level, and it teaches technical datasheet, loss evaluation, TOC of transformers and tender assessment and specification. The course in its entirety is authored by Mr Marcos Ferreira and Mr Juan Albiger, while this lesson is made and will be broadcasted by Mr Albiger.

The authors provide step-by-step guidelines for becoming a professional, whether you have just begun, or have numerous years of experience.

About the authors

Juan Albiger

  • electrical engineer
  • over ten years of experience in the power transformer procurement process
  • specialized in HV substation equipment
  • preparing technical specifications
  • performing factory inspections
  • managing commissioning and maintenance

Marcos Ferreira

  • electrical engineer
  • experienced in designing, managing, and coordinating projects relating to transmission, distribution, and communications
  • works on installation and replacement of HV substation equipment
  • areas of expertise also include interpreting and applying the National Electrical Codes (NEC) as a project manager (including scoping a project based on PRD – Project Requirement Diagram, Chapter 9 Tables & Annex C)