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TAPMOTION® ED ISM® – Reliable motor-drive unit. Integrated recording of operating data.

TAPMOTION® ED ISM® – Reliable motor-drive unit. Integrated recording of operating data.

Vol. 2 Issue 2

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) is the global market leader for power transformer control with tap changers. A key component for reliable operation of the tap changer is the TAPMOTION® ED motor-drive unit, which has been installed over 100,000 times since it was launched in 1997. The new TAPMOTION® ED ISM® combines state-of-the-art automation solutions with reliable drive technology.

Stricter requirements derived from regulatory specifications, increasing system load and interconnection, higher requirements on the availability and reliability of equipment, and an aging transformer fleet all combine to make continuous monitoring and analysis of transformers increasingly important.

Intelligent motor-drive unit

This is why the new TAPMOTION® ED ISM® is fitted with ISM® technology developed by MR. ISM® stands for Integrated Smart Module and is the new standardized hardware and software platform that is used for all MR automation solutions. It is particularly well-suited to the special conditions that apply in the field of electrical energy technology.

This means that the TAPMOTION® ED ISM® not only ensures reliable operation of the on-load tap-changer, but also enables all relevant operating data of the power transformer to be analyzed and recorded. This includes, for example, monitoring of the tap changer, temperatures, signals from the motor-drive unit and the status of the protective devices as well as evaluating transformer utilization.

Added security and flexibility

The data can be transferred directly to the control system using IEC 61850-compliant methods. This greatly reduces the amount of wiring needed during installation and significantly cuts costs compared with a conventional connection method. An integrated web server displays the data so there is no need to install additional software packages for visualization and parameterization. Thanks to its flexibility, the values measured by the ISM® can be accessed anywhere using all standard web browsers – and it goes without saying that the information is encrypted and all of the necessary security requirements are taken into consideration.

In practice, this significantly increases operational reliability – incidents are prevented by means of early detection and fast diagnosis of errors. Furthermore, costs are reduced because maintenance work is carried out in a targeted manner based on the condition of the system. With a large transformer fleet and sites spread over an extensive area, the intelligent motor-drive unit saves a lot of travelling and, therefore, valuable work time.

Fit for the future

The TAPMOTION® ED ISM® motor-drive unit is a cost-effective, practice-oriented solution which facilitates both operational management and asset management. The modular design means that the system can be extended to suit individual needs and equipment can be adapted to future tasks perfectly. ISM® provides the foundation for integrated monitoring of transformers with the innovative TESSA® fleet monitoring system. This means that the relevant people have a clear overview of all data at all times – whether it relates to a single transformer or an entire fleet. ISM® is also available as a retrofit module for all existing TAPMOTION® ED motor-drive units, and can be retrofitted quickly and easily either directly in the motor-drive unit or in a separate control cabinet.

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