KREMPEL´s POWERBOARD AK for power transformers

KREMPEL´s POWERBOARD AK for power transformers

Vaihingen / Enz, Germany – With POWERBOARD AK the KREMPEL-GROUP provides a high-end electrical insulating material for use in oil-insulated power transformers. The product family has been approved by almost all leading manufacturers of power transformers. The main features of KREMPEL´s cellulose-based pressboard and laminated board are outstanding mechanical and electrical properties.

The electrical insulation materials employed in the development and production of electrical machinery and systems are subject to exceptionally challenging requirements. An excellent reason for KREMPEL to process nothing but the finest-quality materials, using ultra-modern manufacturing processes.

Production lines made of stainless steel

“Purity, coupled with electrical and mechanical properties, is a decisive factor in the ability of electrical insulation materials to be used safely over a number of decades”, states Frank Kuebler, Application Engineer for Transformers at KREMPEL. “Any impurity found at the high electrical field strengths inside a transformer winding can cause hazardous partial discharges, and these can lead to malfunction of the entire transformer.” Rust and mechanical wear would be inevitable in a conventional line, this explains why KREMPEL’s production lines are built entirely from stainless steel, including the pipework system and the pumps.

Cellulose from the North, water from the mountains

The way this plant was built, coupled with an elaborate manufacturing process and the meticulous choice of raw materials, is what creates the high quality of the POWERBOARD AK. Pressboard is hot-pressed from 100% pure unbleached sulphate cellulose that is obtained from northern conifers.  Due to the low ambient temperatures, these trees grow very slowly, so they develop longer fibres than trees at southern latitudes. The longer these cellulose fibres, the higher the mechanical strength of the fibre fleece – which forms the basis of all pressboard products in the POWERBOARD AK line.