3,000 mm wide crepe paper

3,000 mm wide crepe paper

Vol. 2 Issue 4

Munksjö Paper AB, in Jönköping Sweden, one of the leading producers of insulating Kraft paper, has recently inaugurated the world’s widest crepe machine. It is the first machine ever to produce 3,000 mm wide insulating crepe Kraft paper.

President of the Electrotechnical Paper division, Martin Lundqvist, stated: “With the 3,000 mm wide crepe machine we continue to lead innovations in the technology of insulating paper. Munksjö has always been at the forefront of paper innovation. One of the reasons for this is that Munksjö is the only crepe paper manufacturer with its own production of pulp for electric insulation.”

The new machine creates entirely new opportunities for customers to develop products and streamline the production. The paper can be converted in any width up to 3,000 mm, which enables avoiding joints in a layer of insulation, reduces the risk of dielectric losses and reduces the number of steps in the production. This is particularly important in the RIP bushing industry.

The machine completely complements the two existing 1,500 mm crepe machines operating in the same mill. This expansion represents a doubling of Munksjö production capacity of electrical insulating crepe Kraft paper, while offering the market’s broadest and most flexible range of insulating crepe paper.

Among other advanced features, the machine is equipped with an innovative feature for the application of crepe medium. Thus, it can control the crepe structure even more precisely than ever before to ensure very high and consistent quality.

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