Interview with Ansgar Hinz, CEO at MESSKO

Interview with Ansgar Hinz, CEO at MESSKO

Vol. 2 Issue 4


Ansgar Hinz, CEO at MESSKO, talks about the successful transformation of the company from a small product manufacturer to a global solutions provider. Based on technical and business innovativeness the company has significantly increased the product portfolio and extended their offering with services in analytics, diagnostics and consultancy.

MESSKO company

MESSKO, a Germany-based company, was established as early as 1911. From the early days the company focused its business on measurement and control in automotive and other industries. In 1960, MESSKO entered the transformer market with thermometers, and over the course of time broadened the portfolio for this market introducing new products, systems and solutions. As a result, the share of transformer business in the company has increased to reach more than 90 % of today’s MESSKO business, which is worth nearly 50 million Euros (55M USD) per year. Today, the company employs about 200 people and operates two manufacturing sites: one in Oberursel close to Frankfurt, Germany, and the other in Stockholm, Sweden.

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