Siemens Transformers – A synonym for innovation

Siemens Transformers – A synonym for innovation

Providing customers with cutting-edge technology

Transformers are high-tech products. Although their principle and basic design have not changed dramatically throughout the years, our innovations make these strategically important assets more sensational than ever. At Siemens Transformers we have been a partner to the energy industry for more than 100 years. By listening to our customers’ needs and analyzing the complete energy conversion chain, together with our network within Siemens we make sure that our cutting-edge technology best supports the needs of transformer operators.

Our latest developments in power transformers comprise new products that enhance grid resiliency, as well as features that can be retrofitted to protect the equipment. Urban solutions that are based on our broad experience with ester as an insulation fluid also assist transformer operators in their efforts to protect the environment and enhance the safety of staff and residents in the area.

1. Mobile Resiliency Units

The main and most innovative part of Siemens Transformers’ grid resiliency strategy are mobile resiliency transformers. These are more than just regular spare units, as they enable their owner to rapidly react and restore the grid faster than would be possible with a regular transformer. Initial orders for these innovative and tailor-made products have already been placed by major utilities in the USA. Mobile resiliency transformers combine three characteristics that are of utmost importance when faced with an emergency scenario:

  • Mobile

A compact and lightweight construction makes the units easily transportable to any site within a short space of time.

  • Rapid Installation

To restore normal operation within a day after the transformers have arrived at site, mobile resiliency units are equipped with plug-in silicone-shielded bushings and plug-in cable connectors.

  • Versatile

Mobile resiliency units cover different ratings – depending on the operator’s network. This does away with the need for the operator to invest in and store spare units for each and every site.

As mobile resiliency transformers are tailor-made products, just as regular power transformers are, they can be provided with a wide range of special features offered by Siemens Transformers. Ester filling for increased fire and explosion safety and environmental friendliness is a solution that has already been ordered by a renowned U.S. customer. Mobile resiliency transformers with mineral oil insulation and tank-rupture optimized design are already in the works at Siemens Transformers, too. In addition to this product, we also offer Variable Spare Reactors with plug & play bushings that are also mobile, versatile and rapidly installable.

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