The new VACUTAP® VR. Maximum performance, wide range of applications. MR’s VACUTAP® tap-changers have been used around the world in a wide variety of applications...

byMaschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR)

The new VACUTAP® VR. Maximum performance, wide range of applications.

MR’s VACUTAP® tap-changers have been used around the world in a wide variety of applications and under the most extreme conditions. In addition to conventional network operation, this includes furnace operation and other advanced applications, such as phase shifters, shunt reactors and HVDC transmission units. They are demonstrating their value for our customers thanks to their three unmatched traits which are in the essence of our VACUTAP® tech-nology: ruggedness, reliability and economical operation, in everyday use as well as during overload operation of a transformer, or when the requirements for transformer availability are extremely high.

MR launched the first generation of the VACUTAP® VR in 2004. 300,000 tap-change operations without maintenance, enabling maintenance-free operation for nearly all applications. This has since been demonstrated by more than 20,000 VACUTAP® VR units installed around the world.

Next generation tap-changer technology

The new VACUTAP® VR is the next generation of the all-around on-load tap-changer. Optimizing the design allowed us to increase the permitted values for step voltage and switching capacity once again.
This model attains a rated step capacity of up to 6,000 kVA – meaning that it is equipped today for the application developments of tomorrow in the high-voltage area.
In addition, the possibilities for combining the VR with the completely redesigned and new R-selector product range provides additional advantages, including significantly increased change-over selector switching capacity and higher permissible operating and test voltages. This is particularly for high-performance requirements.
Furthermore, the Active Gas Inhibition System can be used to reduce gas generation in the transformer tank caused by change-over selector operations by up to 90 percent. It is available as an option or by default depending on the selector size.
The new modular potential-connection concept makes it possible to mount the required resistors as well as the op-tional tie-in switch on the side, above the change-over selector. The height of the tap-changer is the same regardless of whether a potential connection mechanism is needed. This gives transformer manufacturers maximum planning security in the layout and design of transformer tanks.
The new model has many other outstanding technical details that make the difference and guarantee reliable and safe operation. For example, the VACUTAP® Advanced Arc Control System ensures optimum arc quenching, the Inter-rupter Exchange Module reduces maintenance-based production downtimes through simplified replacement of the carrier unit with preinstalled vacuum interrupters, and the VACUTAP® Step Protection System protects the diverter switch from overvoltage situations.

The VACUTAP® VR is delivered with all of our expertise gained through 25 years of vacuum technology develop-ment. In terms of economy, the VACUTAP® VR makes no compromises, enabling 300,000 tap-change operations without any maintenance. The diverter switch insert can be used for 1.2 million tap-changes before needing replace-ment.

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