Accuracy matters

Accuracy matters

Vol. 4 Issue 2


In the beginnings of the dissolved gases monitoring of transformer oil, what was most important for customers was to have a tool that could show the trend of dissolved gas concentrations. If there was any unusual gas concentration growth, the customer would take an oil sample and perform a laboratory dissolved gas analysis (DGA), and then based on the lab results, make a decision.

However, as DGA monitoring technology has matured, the need to compare monitoring results to laboratory results has become increasingly important, putting the pressure on accuracy of DGA results obtained by monitoring systems. Additionally, application of automated interpretation techniques for monitoring results requires also better accuracy of these results. Having the information about gas concentration trends for most applications is not sufficient anymore.

The key precondition for proper comparing of monitoring and lab results is the calibration of monitoring and lab equipment based on same, so-called, oil standards for all types of fluids used in transformers.

Pioneering DGA

With a presence in over 90 countries, Morgan Schaffer, the pioneer of Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), has been helping companies across the globe protect their high-voltage electrical assets for over 50 years. Providing the most reliable and accurate online and portable DGA monitoring equipment, ISO-certified laboratory testing services, diagnostic software and the only commercially available gas-in-oil and moisture-in-oil standards in the world, Morgan Schaffer is poised to continue its impressive growth.

Oil standards

Morgan Schaffer’s laboratories specialize exclusively in the analysis of dielectric fluids. Our True North DGA oil standard is the world’s only commercial oil standard. It makes it easy and affordable to ensure accurate calibration of laboratory instruments and reliable DGA results – every time.

Adv MorganSchaffer oil

Our full range of oil standards ensures credibility, accuracy, efficiency and cost-savings, backed by our world-class technical support.


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