CONNEX qualifies power transformers for every challenge

CONNEX qualifies power transformers for every challenge

Vol. 4 Issue 2

Maximum flexibility with utmost safety and efficiency. Power transformers can meet these requirements if they are equipped with the CONNEX dry-insulated, modular, pluggable connection system. Eduardo Santana, Director Business Unit PTS Cable at PFISTERER, explains exactly how this is done for different interface configurations, under the harshest conditions in offshore applications, or as a mobile emergency transformer.

Mr. Santana, why are power transformers equipped with CONNEX so flexible?

It’s the plug-in principle of the CONNEX system. The CONNEX socket is a built-in part of the transformer or gas‑insulated switchgear (GIS), and it is the interface for all dry, pluggable CONNEX components, such as cable fittings, bushings and solid-insulated surge arresters. These simply plug in – without having to intervene in the sensitive inner workings of the transformer. As a system, CONNEX meets all international standards for the three system connection types, i.e. IEC 60840 for cable accessories, IEC 62271-203 for GIS, and IEC 60137 for transformer bushings.

What specific advantages does this offer?

You save time and money. CONNEX-equipped systems are supplied factory-tested, so they don’t need to be opened on site. This eliminates costly gas and oil work, as well as testing in the field. Installation is reduced to simply plugging in. This shortens installation time, even during the first installation and commissioning, by up to 75% – and pays off again each time maintenance is carried out.

Are there other aspects that are important for facility operators?

In our experience, there are three main points: operational reliability, efficiency, and flexibility. CONNEX brings these requirements down to a common denominator. A CONNEX-equipped power transformer is optimally prepared for all dynamics of normal everyday operation, as well as for medium and long-term network developments under all kinds of market and environmental conditions.


Adv Pfisterer Santana

Eduardo Santana, Director Business Unit PTS Cable at PFISTERER, highlights the advantages of using the CONNEX power transformers with the help of the requirements of users and markets