Rugged fans for oil-cooled transformers

Rugged fans for oil-cooled transformers

Vol. 4 Issue 2

Power transformers switch AC voltage between different voltage levels, making them essential in power plants, industrial operations and electrical substations. To prevent damage due to overheating, fans are used in addition to oil cooling. Such fans need to be especially rugged since they are exposed to extreme weather conditions such as rain forest humidity, coastal salt spray, searing desert heat, or freezing arctic cold. ebm-papst has accepted this challenge and developed special fans for large high-power transformers.

Meeting all requirements.
The most important considerations for the fans’ development were corrosion resistance, maintenance-free operation without lubrication, and reliable operation over the longest possible service life. ebm-papst drew on its decades of experience during the development phase, conducting intensive research backed up by extensive simulations and tests. The resulting fans satisfy the demanding requirements of a cooling system for large transformers in every respect – and of course they deliver the desired air performance of up to 13 m³/s.

Complete Plug & Play solution.
The fans consist of the fan housing, impeller, GreenTech EC motor with integrated electronics or AC asynchronous motor and intake guard Advertisement grill; all components are perfectly harmonized. For example, aerodynamic optimization reduces both air turbulence and operating noise.


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