Editorial message

Editorial message

Dear Readers,

A big part of the materials that we publish in the magazine is aimed at shedding light on the evolution of the transformer technology and market from different points of view. However, this evolution might be much more drastic than what we imagine if we don’t look at the complete environment for transformers.

According to a new report Energy Transition Outlook 2017 by DNV GL, by 2050, 85 % of global electricity needs will be met by renewable sources of energy! The installed capacity of renewable sources in 2015 was less than 8 %, without hydropower. So, how will this increaserenewables in the energy mix affect the market of generator step-up transformers, for example? This issue features a great market review column by Steve Aubertin, which goes into some specific detail about this trend and its effects on the size and number of transformers, and thus on this entire market niche.

Furthermore, what will be the effects of this trend on the transformers in the transmission and distribution grid? Some of them have already been discussed in other articles published in previous editions of the magazine. However, the increase of renewables in energy production is still only one of many drivers which shape the future of the industry.

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The information that is made available in the materials published in the magazine will help you form a rounded picture of the changes in the environment for transformers and get a better feeling of how they fuel the development of both the market and technology – which are interlinked. Understanding this is important for every company to be able to find the right balance between the development of the market and the development of technology.

The positive thing is that all these changes also bring opportunities which pop up from the changed environment. Many of the materials we have published illustrate how people and companies recognize and seize the opportunities to create solutions with more values, and then offer them on the market. Speaking about changes on the market, I would like to point your attention to the interview with Hans Linder, my former colleague from ABB incidentally, where he explains how, by drawing on what he had learned from his experience and recognizing the dramatic changes on the market, they created a new business, and a new way of doing business, based on these changes. To learn more about changes in the technology and how they open up new opportunities, you can have a look at the article Market positioning through technology.

In addition to the mentioned pieces, this edition of the magazine opens with a rundown of the most relevant news as well as market reports published over the past three months, followed by a selection of informative articles including our four regular columns and technical pieces and advertorials focusing on topical issues in the transformers industry. Don’t miss our other interview with a university professor and a utility asset manager who talk about transformer condition assessment and fleet management. All this will keep you informed and up to date with recent developments as well as important practical and theoretical details on a range of subjects concerning power transformers.

I hope you will enjoy the content, finding it useful in your everyday work.

Stay tuned with Transformers Magazine and have a pleasant reading!

Mladen Banovic, Editor-in-Chief


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