Vacuum switching with mechanical backup

Vacuum switching with mechanical backup

Vol. 4 Issue 4

Huaming Vacuum Tap-Changer CV2


With thousands of installed base products and more than 10 years of field experience, CV2 vacuum tap-changer is claimed to be the most reliable and economic solution for intended voltage regulation up to 132 kV for transmission and distribution transformers.

Product for heaviest application

Compared to diverter switch, selector switch design features compact size and has a more economical cost. It is often used for both star and delta connected small and medium power transformers, and sometimes big distribution transformers, with system voltage up to 132 kV, which, in terms of number of units, accounts for the largest segment of on-load tap-changer (OLTC) applications, making this type of OLTCs the most widely used OLTC. Furthermore, due to the position of these transformers in the grid, where voltage fluctuations are most frequent and most intensive, the frequency of OLTC’s operations in this application is also usually the highest. We know that the higher the number of operations of tap-changers, the heavier the operation conditions are. In addition, for this range of OLTC applications, tap-changer maintenance and care during its service life tends to be performed less frequently than recommended by manufacturers, compared to the tap-changers on big power transformers. So, being the most widespread application, and due to their heavy operation and maintenance that often fails to follow manufacturer’s recommendations, It is not surprising that most on-load tap-changer problems and failures take place within this product range. Majority of those failures can be traced back to poor oil quality due to moisture and carbon particles, flexible leads and contacts worn-out after frequent operations, etc.

Proven reliability

Vacuum tap-changers used in liquid-immersed transformers came on the market at the beginning of this millennium. Vacuum technology completely changed the electrical life cycle and maintenance criteria for on-load tap-changer end users. Huaming type CV2 vacuum OLTC was launched in 2006 and since then thousands of units have been installed.

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