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Core cutting and stacking technology

Core cutting and stacking technology

Vol. 4 Issue 4

The home of core cutting and stacking technology

L.A.E. – Lughese Attrezzature per l’Elettromeccanica S.r.l. has been recognized for intensive research and development in the fields of core cutting and stacking technology. The company continues in the same direction, with most recent milestones including the extensions of the portfolio of core cutting lines with a new machine TO 45, and the portfolio of stacking robots with the model IRE 45, as well as an upgrade of the stacking robot IRE 25.

L.A.E.’s core cutting line TO 25 and core stacking robot IRE 25 were presented last year in Transformers Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 2, pages 62-66. While the philosophy behind the machine TO 45 is quite similar to that of the machine TO 25, the new machine boasts improved electrical and electronic components, as well as the software, resulting in more values for transformer manufacturers.

The machine TO 45 is designed to cut wider lamination, up to 450 mm, while the machine TO 25 can cut lamination up to 250 mm in width. If we put this in reference to the size of transformers, the TO 45 machine is intended for cutting core material for transformers in the range from 160 kVA up to 6300 kVA, while the TO 25 is suitable for transformer cores between 50 kVA and 2500 kVA.

Core cutting line TO 45


In line with one of the company’s key philosophies of compacting machine size, the new core cutting line TO 45 has lower dimensions compared to L.A.E. standard and other cutting lines on the market. This was achieved in two ways. First, by using swivelling cutting heads instead of two cutting heads, which shortened the machine’s longitudinal dimension for as much as one meter.

And second, by addressing the electrical cabin issue. The cabin is generally separated from the machine and, due to its size which is roughly two to three meters long and a half a meter wide, it sometimes causes problems to transformer manufacturers when they need to collocate the machine in the layout of their workshop. What LAE has done is integrated the cabin in the cutting machine, so that the machine does not require any additional space to the space of cutting line’s footprint, which is a big advantage for transformer manufacturers.

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