Oweld oxy-hydrogen gas generator for the 4.0 era

Oweld oxy-hydrogen gas generator for the 4.0 era

Vol. 4 Issue 4


Using the Oweld oxy-hydrogen gas generators, designed and manufactured by Oxyweld, transforms your brazing line into a modern and cutting-edge place that increases the prestige of your company.

The technology that is already approved by the main transformer manufacturers enhances efficiency and productivity of the process.

Company overwiev

Oxyweld is a leading Italian manufacturer of oxyhydrogen gas generators for brazing. With its Oweld brand marking its 36th anniversary and thanks to its experience and global presence, the company today supports many transformer producers and repairers in more than 62 countries.

Oxyweld’s brazing technologies turn distilled water into gas and replace the conventional oxy-fuel cylinders (i.e. the most common oxy-acetylene or oxy-propane). Thanks to the flame’s properties, the system is specific for brazing copper, brass, aluminium, bus bars, cables, wires and flat wires, from small sizes up to big cross sections. The same flame is also used to remove the resin from the CTC in power industry.

Nowadays Oweld technology is used by thousands of customers – including the major transformer producers in the market.

A smarter factory with an Oweld oxy-hydrogen gas generator

Automation in the 4.0 industry or smart factory has revolutionised manufacturing processes, reducing costs and improving efficiency. This automation technology is improved by the introduction of methods of self-optimization, self-configuration and intelligent support of workers in their increasingly complex job.

Enterprises in power and distribution transformer industry face similar challenges as they strive to compete effectively in a global economic environment. One of the challenges they face lies in the brazing and CTC cleaning process, as these two activities are still too tied to the old methods. Oweld gas generators are an innovative solution to address these challenges, and indeed, they are the future.

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