Interview with Cody Cook, COO at RMS Energy

Go-team for power plants   RMS Energy prides itself on being a go-team for power plants and generation facilities worldwide with an emphasis on inspection,...

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Go-team for power plants


RMS Energy prides itself on being a go-team for power plants and generation facilities worldwide with an emphasis on inspection, repair, maintenance, refurbishment and replacement of major critical power systems, including bus systems and transformers. RMS Energy is a partner-oriented company, working with many service providers like Siemens, ABB and others in the industry to deliver outstanding service on projects, large and small.

The key values to customers are cost savings, due to lower overhead expenses, and a broad experience of our staff. Unlike personnel from OEMs who are certified in the equipment provided by its manufacturer, the RMS staff has deeper levels of experience with various OEM providers and equipment. This gives RMS a certain advantage, making it more efficient in managing new and unexpected situations, examining the problem and coming up with a solution based on past scenarios.

RMS Energy began its operations in 2012 with key individuals and grew the business from ground zero, much like a family. RMS employs an average of 35-40 people, and this number picks up to 60 during outage seasons. This year we will probably achieve 80 employees.

Last year an affiliate company was started called Mid States Energy Co., LLC, based in Missouri, which covers practically anything from control upgrades in a plant to wiring out a transformer. This kind of support is what many OEMs have requested, and through Mid States Energy, we provide it. If the OEM lacks manpower, we will augment their work force with some key team members to help them get through their situation. The fact is that all of the infrastructure is antique in the U.S., and half of the transformers are at the end of their lifecycle. The bottom line and the core deliverable for RMS Energy is customer service. We are the team you call at midnight – and we show up. The business has been built around fast response, quality work and completing the job on time and on budget.

Last year, RMS Energy had bids on more than 300 projects and won approximately 80 percent of them, making for a record volume of projects. Many projects come directly to us through phone calls from OEMs, who invite us to support them without having to bid for the project. With many OEMs, we have negotiated pre-arranged rates; that way, when they need us for a project, all they have to do is give us a call.

A high-profile project that RMS Energy won was located at Hoover Dam, the most famous hydropower plant in the U.S. On this project, RMS installed ABB gas-insulated breakers and cut the bus duct, connected the control wiring, wired the breaker, and welded the bus back in.

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