Transformer oil’s quiet titan

Transformer oil’s quiet titan


Ergon is the world’s largest manufacturer of naphthenic specialty oils. Its HyVolt insulating oils have been the leading choice for transformer manufacturers and utilities for decades. Naphthenics have long exceeded performance expectations in the transformer market and will undoubtedly remain the industry standard for years to come. Ergon has achieved its global position thanks to the company’s security of supply, growing worldwide presence, commitment to the transformer industry and its customers, and a focus on providing consistent quality products.

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Leslie B. Lampton began his career in rural Mississippi in 1954 by hand-delivering fuel to construction workers after hours. That company has since grown into a well-diversified global organization and the world’s largest producer of naphthenic specialty products. This humble but powerful origin story is a driving force for Ergon and helps define the way the company does business today.

Building a foundation for success

Employees of the family-owned business continue to be guided by Lampton’s values: hard work, reliable supply, quality products and an unwavering commitment to customer service. “Our success is based on our ability to understand the needs of our customers,” Lampton explained.

“We have never been a transactional company,” said Lance Puckett, senior vice president of Ergon’s Petroleum Specialties Marketing Division. “One of our primary differentiators is our approach to service and long-term partnerships with our customers. We have been here since the 1970s, and that dedication to unparalleled service is what will guarantee Ergon and its HyVolt products are still serving the transformer market for decades to come.”

#1 Choice for transformer manufacturers

Ergon has made substantial contributions to the industry for decades, avoiding fanfare while making forward progress. By working hand-in-hand with independent labs, OEMs, utilities and governing committees, Ergon is meeting the needs of its naphthenic transformer oil customers today while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. This continued investment in the industry, combined with a deep knowledge of base stocks, is evident in the company’s HyVolt insulating oils. With very low pour points, great heat transfer properties, excellent oxidation stability, and electrical properties, HyVolt has been the leading choice for transformer manufacturers and utilities for decades.