Interview with John Brett, President & CEO at Delta-X Research Inc.

Interview with John Brett, President & CEO at Delta-X Research Inc.

Vol. 5 Issue 3

About Delta-X Research

Delta-X Research was founded in 1992 as a consulting company by Dr James (Jim) Dukarm, a mathematician with extensive experience in developing industrial software, including for the electric power industry, employing artificial intelligence and other advanced techniques. Initially, Jim was involved in several projects, including design and development of an insulation power factor testing application for a major electric utility and providing technical support for scientific researchers using a massively parallel computer. Then a large chemical plant asked Jim to develop a software application for managing and interpreting dissolved-gas analysis (DGA) data for power transformers. Several additional industrial companies and electric utilities soon volunteered to contribute data and user advice to the project.

The desktop software product that was developed was called Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA). Designed as a decision support tool for asset managers and maintainers, it handled both DGA and oil quality test data and featured a fuzzy logic expert system, user-configurable interpretive criteria, and a simple and intuitive user interface. Over time, hundreds of copies of TOA were sold worldwide. Development, sales, and support of TOA became the entire business of Delta-X Research.

In 2006, TOA version 4 was released as a Software-as-a-Service, also known as a cloud-based solution. Today Delta-X Research is recognized as a technology leader in its field. TOA4 is used by many North American electric utilities, including over half of the largest ones in the United States. We also have TOA4 subscribers in Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America. In early 2015 Delta-X Research reorganized, and I was appointed CEO and tasked to grow the company in order to enhance support for existing customers and to develop new products and services for the expanding market. Jim was freed for full time research and development of new technology for transformer diagnostics and condition assessment.