EFACEC case study

EFACEC case study

Vol. 5 Issue 3

Carlos Carvalho, Director of Technology at EFACEC, discusses the benefits of software modelling in the design and testing of transformers


The EFACEC Group is leading the supply of integrated solutions and equipment in the market of power generation, transmission and distribution. The Group forms a complete value chain, from building turnkey projects to equipment manufacture, where integrated solutions are developed and designed in accordance with clients’ needs. The Group offers a comprehensive range of activities such as: power generation, transmission and distribution, automation and telecontrol systems, electric mobility power supply systems as well as maintenance and technical assistance services.

The Director of Technology, Carlos Carvalho, leads a team of 120 engineers in the EFAFEC power transformers business unit: “Our division has the capability to design and manufacture core and shell type power transformers up to 1500 MVA, 525 kV, mobile substations up to 90 MVA, immersed and dry type distribution transformers. As such, a core element of EFACEC’s business is the design and manufacture of power transformers. In the current market, transformers need to be ever more effective and competitively priced. To do this, we at EFACEC employ simulation software to build virtual prototypes of the system prior to manufacture, to avoid wasting time on costly mistakes.”

He continues, “For the past 26 years EFACEC has been using simulation software from INTEGRATED Engineering Software to help iron out any design issues in the early stages, before they prolong the design lifecycle. The software we use at EFACEC are the ELECTRO, COULOMB, FARADAY and INDUCTO products. ELECTRO is a 2D/RS electric field solver designed specifically for applications such as transformers.  ELECTRO can calculate electric field strength, transmission line parameters and capacitance. Our designers can automatically vary and experiment with geometry, materials and sources, therefore reducing the tedious, repetitive task of fine–tuning multiple design parameters. COULOMB is, by contrast, a 3D electric field solver used for calculations such as electric field strength, transmission line parameters and capacitance. Finally, FARADAY is a 3D eddy current field solver which can calculate force, torque, displacement current, flux linkage, induced voltage, power and impedance.”