Terna, Italy – A profile

Terna, Italy – A profile

About Terna

Terna is one of the main electricity transmission grid operators in Europe, which manages the Italian high-voltage transmission grid – one of the most modern and technologically advanced grids in Europe. Terna’s assets can be illustrated by the following figures: approximately 800 power transformers, 72,900 kilometres of high-voltage lines, 25 cross-border interconnection links with other countries, more than 30% of Italian electricity consumption covered from renewable sources, over 4,000 employees.

Transformer team

Terna’s Engineering Power Transformer team gathers professionals of different expertise, such as chemists, electrical engineers, young specialists as well as senior experts – a mix which provides a strong in-house knowledge. Every day poses a new challenge since problems that the team works on are real, and in managing such a big national grid, problems can easily develop to failures that bear huge consequences. The task of the team is to solve these problems on time and in the best possible way. To be able to adequately respond to these challenges, team members are spread across Italy at different locations. Terna operates its own laboratories (chemical laboratories and short-circuit withstand test laboratory), which make a great contribution to technical specification and asset management processes. The team have the opportunity to participate in the events and conferences such as CIGRE, take part in the work of IEC, the national committee, CIGRE working groups, etc. This is a great benefit for both individuals and the team as it provides opportunity for our team members to share the knowledge and experience with others, to contribute to the activities of different working groups and make their own contribution to the knowledge base, but there is also a lot to gain. So, to be a member of the team within the company that invests in knowledge, as Terna does, is a great benefit.



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