A novel approach to comprehensive tests on phase-shifting transformers

A novel approach to comprehensive tests on phase-shifting transformers


The phase-shifting transformer is used to control the flow of active power in a complex transmission network, including the improvement of transmission capacity, reliability and operational safety of this network. It is an efficient and economical tool that helps increase the reliability and efficiency of power flow control in an overloaded transmission line in which it is installed. Therefore, information about its technical condition is also important in order to ensure reliable operation. This article focuses on a novel approach to performing diagnostic tests on phase-shifting transformers and presents several measurement cases which emphasize the importance of characteristic operating states of the phase-shifting transformer.

Keywords: phase-shifter, power flow regulation, power system, quadrature booster testing, transformer

1. Introduction

Today’s power systems are usually not limited to one country or region, often comprising of multiple interconnected networks from different countries. These “cross-border” connections can either enable synchronous operation of multiple networks or establish a non-synchronous link between independently operated networks. The benefit of interconnected power systems is the mutual reservation of electric power which has become more important over the decades due to the increase of distributed energy resources (DER).