Expediting testing process

Expediting testing process

Vol. 6 Issue 2

Expedite your transformer testing process


Power transformers are widely considered to be the most critical components in electrical transmission and distribution networks. Due to the aging of transformer fleets in the field, regular diagnostic testing and condition assessment become increasingly relevant. Transformer designs can be very complex and, thus, measuring the variety of different parameters can be a time- and cost-intensive job. In order to perform the different diagnostic tests, multiple devices and a frequent change of test leads are required. Individual phase measurements and multiple tap changer positions further increase the testing effort and the outage time. Testing transformers is the most time-consuming form of equipment testing in a substation – on average an entire working day needs to be scheduled for the full range of routine tests.

One system for multiple tests

OMICRON’s new three-phase transformer test set, TESTRANO 600, takes transformer testing to a whole new level by expediting the transformer testing process. It is the world’s first portable, three-phase test system which supports the most common electrical tests on power and distribution transformers. Weighing just 20 kg/44 lbs, TESTRANO 600 is ideal for on-site routine and diagnostic testing and during factory acceptance tests (FAT).

Three wires are all you need

TESTRANO 600 includes newly designed multi-plug cables, which are connected to the high-voltage and low-voltage side of the transformer. The third multi-plug cable is connected to the on-load tap changer (OLTC) control, allowing the up and down switches of the tap changer to be recorded as well as the control of the OLTC’s motor current and voltage. Tangled cables become a thing of the past and it is easy for you to maintain an overview of the connections.

One-time test connection

The simple connection concept minimizes the number of test connections and lead changing required to perform conventional transformer diagnostic tests. TESTRANO 600 automatically reconnects and switches the correct outputs and inputs to the transformer terminals. Once the test connections are made, the transformer turns ratio, DC winding resistance, and demagnetization tests can be performed successively, on all three phases of the transformer, without changing the leads. Also, by significantly reducing the amount of lead changes, TESTRANO 600 requires fewer trips up and down the transformer, thus making the transformer testing process safer for test engineers.

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