Born connected 2.0

Born connected 2.0

Vol. 6 Issue 2

SensgearTM & Sensformer® advanced: Born connected 2.0

Digitalization is a chance and an enabler. It empowers industries to tackle their current challenges like performance increase, health, safety & environmental topics, cost and risk reductions. However, to benefit from digitalization it is necessary to generate data in the first place. While these opportunities seem to be common sense in many industries already, the transmission and distribution industry was for a long time not able to benefit from this industrial revolution. Utilities needed to invest a lot of time and money to collect data as a basis for optimization. And when the dana was gathered, experienced staff was needed to interpret the data and draw beneficiary conclusions. The introduction of the Sensformer® in 2018 changed the game for the transformer industry. The possibility to gain real-time insights on a transformer’s current behavior has been well-received by transformer operators all over the world. The transformer now acts as an eye to the grid, providing up to date status information and allowing the operator to draw conclusions about the current grid status at a glance. By adding further data like weather information, even more possibilities arise: There’s a storm coming? Sun is heating up the asset? Wind is getting stronger and wind energy input will increase? Now this revolutionary connectivity concept that was introduced for transformers first conquers the complete transmission products industry.

Born connected 2.0: SensgearTM

As the Sensformer® received overwhelmingly positive responses, Siemens Transmission Products now translates its connectivity concept to its complete portfolio. With SensgearTM, gas-insulated switchgears, circuit breakers, surge arresters, disconnectors, instrument transformers and coil products will henceforth be equipped with connectivity. With this step, the high-quality substation products of Siemens are now boosted to a new, a digitalized level. Just like the Sensformer®, the connectivity of SensgearTM devices is done with a smart and robust IoT gateway securely transmitting a minimum amount of required information to a cloud-based storage and visualization platform.

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