Interview with Ken Gao, Senior Account Manager at Weidmann

Interview with Ken Gao, Senior Account Manager at Weidmann

Vol. 6 Issue 2

Ken Gao has been working in the transformer insulation industry for more than 15 years. He joined Weidmann in 2012 as an account manager with a focus on the distribution transformers market in China. He has an MBA degree from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

Combining materials and technology for high-quality and high-efficiency transformers

As the world leading supplier of insulation technology for key applications in the energy sector, Weidmann supplies high-quality insulation materials for transformers globally. L.A.E. Srl. supplies winding machines, core-cutting lines, and tank-manufacturing lines globally. L.A.E. machines are based on the latest technology that guarantees highest performance in transformers manufacturing. L.A.E. has recognized the value of matching high-performance materials and high-performance machines. This concept creates new value for transformer OEMs in terms of increasing the quality and the efficiency of transformers. This idea was the cornerstone for establishing a cooperation between Weidmann and L.A.E. in the China market. The cooperation started at the beginning of 2018 and covers the promotion and distribution of L.A.E. products, namely winding machines, core-cutting lines, and tank manufacturing lines. Together, in October of 2018, we organized and participated in the 17th  International Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment and Technology, the so-called EP China, in Beijing.

Customers need better technology

Utilities in China, the SGCC (State Grid Corporation of China) and CSG (China Southern Power Grid), are increasing their requirements for transformer quality and efficiency. In order to respond to these new requirements, local OEMs have to improve their quality. They need to use high quality materials, but they also need to improve their production process. The production process is important to ensure that transformers can reach high quality and high efficiency. You can have the best material in the world but if you produce the transformer using low quality machines, that material can be destroyed. So, the combination of Weidmann and L.A.E. is very organic. At Weidmann, we supply high quality materials, and L.A.E. supplies high-quality and high-efficiency machines.

L.A.E. machines have a high level of automation and, in some case, they even use robotics. Robotics has become very popular in manufacturing in China because labor costs are drastically increasing. Automation is becoming more and more cost-effective and there is a very good payback when you invest in robotized manufacturing, even in the transformers business. We need to be aware that only a few years ago the situation concerning labor costs here was quite different and it was difficult to foresee the current situation. Therefore, there is a high interest in L.A.E.’s machines among Chinese transformer manufacturers.


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