Transport monitoring

Transport monitoring

Vol. 6 Issue 2

Monitoring demanding and long-distance transports


Continuous monitoring during transport

Transport damage is an often-cited cause of product problems. The repercussions of damages to your product are not only related to immediate cost of repairs, replacements, and delays, but also to premature failure during the component’s lifetime, extra service costs, loss of productivity and damage to the company’s reputation. Therefore, it is important to determine how to eliminate and reduce these costs at an early stage. Today we see a growing interest for the solutions which enable continuous monitoring of goods while they are being transported. This interest is especially pronounced when you need to move sensitive, heavy, valuable and bulky technical equipment, when monitoring the entire transport chain is important. Main reason for this is the need to reduce the risk and costs. With increased globalization in transformer industry and worldwide multimodal transport routes, it is crucial to continuously track and monitor the transformer during the transport. The manufacturer, end customer, insurance company and all other stakeholders who have got access to the data can check the status during the transport. It is very valuable to know the status of goods during the journey or transport such as where are they situated, what is the expected time of arrival to the destination and so on.

Cargolog® Impact Recorder System

Mobitron’s Cargolog® Impact Recorder System, a wireless data logger, and their cloud service address above mentioned issues. The system can monitor a number of different measurements and register potential accidents that can result in damage of your product. The dana logger is attached directly onto your goods and provides you information regarding how your products are being handled throughout the entire logistics chain – from start to finish. Most common way is to monitor the acceleration forces which can damage the goods, but also angle, GPS location, temperature, humidity, and in some cases also air/gas pressure. For instance, power transformers which are transported filled with dry air or nitrogen, without oil, for them it is important to know that pressure inside the transformer tank is high enough, which means that surrounding air is not able to enter the transformer. The data is uploaded almost in real time, so in case there is an accident, or something wrong happens, this information is available to those who need to take action.

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