ABB Ability

ABB Ability

The ABB Ability Power Transformer sets new industry standards  

The power landscape is predicted to change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 100. This is mostly due to the change in generation mix, where the integration of renewables and distributed energy resources is having the double impact of adding volatile supply sources while causing a decline in traditional high-inertia generation such as coal. This volatility will increase further, on the demand side, as e-mobility plays a greater role in the near future. At the same time, many utilities and industrial companies are under pressure to increase their efficiency and productivity in order to remain competitive in their respective fields. Power transformers are critical elements in the electrical grid infrastructure that are impacted by these changes in the grid. While nobody can predict the exact effects on the typical power transformer over its lifetime of 30 to 50 years, it is certain that changing demand patterns will result in a more dynamic loading of the transformer, which can be detrimental to its remaining life. To address this situation, users need actionable information and insights to enable better decision making and asset management as well as a future-proof technology concept. Therefore, the time has come for transformers to become digital by design. This is why ABB has developed the ABB Ability Power Transformer (AAPT) as a new standard for power transformers. The AAPT is an integrated solution with electronic temperature monitoring and on-board intelligence on load and aging conditions. Additionally, the AAPT offers a wide range of options, leveraging ABB’s broad portfolio of devices, software and services.

Digital power transformer platform and ecosystem

The technical development of the AAPT was based on a future-proof modular solution. The platform concept covers everything from the standard package with electronic temperature monitoring and indicators, up to a full monitoring package with plug-and-play connectivity including the whole family of ABB eDevices (digitally enabled instrumentation and protection devices), ABB’s dissolved gas analysers (DGA) Core-Sense and CoreSense M10, and the option to integrate third-party sensors and instrumentation.


Vol. 6 Issue 3