Interview with Cai Zixiang, Chairman, PTTX

Interview with Cai Zixiang, Chairman, PTTX

Vol. 6 Issue 4

PTTX supplies global market

PTTX is a manufacturer of transformer cores with more than 200 employees that uses automated intelligence in its manufacturing process. From our smart factory we provide fully assembled cores, cut lamination (10 kV to 1100 kV) and related accessory products, as well as 30-1250 mm slit coils, on both domestic and international market. PTTX’s Headquarter is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China. We have two offices overseas: European Office – Frankfurt, Germany and Middle East Office – Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our sales and service network covers many provinces and cities in China as well as more than 30 countries and regions such as South America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Smart core factory

Since the establishment, PTTX has developed to the industry leader through three stages: the challenging entrepreneurial stage – the innovation development stage – the lean production stage. During the entrepreneurial stage, the conditions were tough, the equipment and the factory buildings were very simple. However, we focused on transformer core, and gradually we stepped on the way of specialization. During the innovation development stage, we fully implemented integrated management system of QMS, EMS and OHSAS, and gradually realized the reform of industrial automation, system intelligence and operation information. The lean production stage started in 2016, we spent $42.5 M (RMB 300 million yuan) to build an intelligent manufacturing base – PTTX core smart factory and realized fully automated production and assembly of transformer cores. Since then, PTTX has won the favor of hundreds of customers at home and abroad with its strong production capacity and advanced technology and manufacturing capabilities. These are the three stages that particularly impressed me. Our smart core factory is built into China’s leading transformer core demonstration base. Conditions inside the factory are fully controlled, we maintain a constant temperature (20°- 28°) and constant humidity (45 % or less), which can effectively prevent electrical steel from rusting and improve product performance. As far as the equipment goes, PTTX has automated high bay storage and logistics for mother coils; it is equipped with slitting lines with continuous electrical testing, thickness measurement, tension system, and strong dust-removal system; automated high bay storage and logistics for slit coils; cut to length lines with automated inline lamination system; cut to length lines with automated inline E-stacker; automated packing systems for slit coils. PTTX’s lean, serialized, intelligent automatic production equipment, compared to the traditional process, reduced the process factor by 5 % in the “silicon steel raw materials, core manufacturing and assembly”, to meet the customer’s demand for quality products.

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