Interview with Goran Leci, President of the Board at KONCAR KET

Interview with Goran Leci, President of the Board at KONCAR KET

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Interview with Goran Leci, President of the Board at KONCAR KET

Written by Transformers Magazine

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

We live in a world where the information technologies proliferate into smart grids and smart cities, making such critical infrastructure exposed to hacker and cyber-terrorist attacks. The KONČAR company brings good news: their digitalization and automation platform PROZA NET, developed by KONČAR – Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering Inc. (KONČAR KET), has become the world first automation platform certified for critical infrastructure cybersecurity. PROZA NET is a system designed to automate and control systems and facilities in data centres and electric power systems (diverse power plants and transformer substations), oil and gas, transport and water management. Its applications are various, and the platform is continually being upgraded to keep track of technology advancements. KONČAR has received the certificate of PROZA NET platform compliance with the internationally recognized IEC 62443-2-4 cybersecurity standard from TÜV Nord, one of the world’s first-class certification houses. Prior to obtaining the certificate, the product had to undergo a strict assessment of cybersecurity by TÜV Informationstechnik (TÜV-IT) cybersecurity experts.

While the certificate guarantees that the PROZA NET platform is compliant with cybersecurity requirements, it also assures the clients of the system security overall. “A major challenge of the certification project was to materialize the theoretical requirements of the standard, and we are proud that the first cybersecurity certificate has been awarded by us to KONČAR KET”, said Matthias Springer, head of Security4Safety centre in TÜV Nord.

Mission-critical Automation Systems

KONČAR KET builds and maintains critical infrastructure in Croatia, European Union and the world. As a flagship company in digital transformation in KONČAR Group, it is tasked with the delivery of digital systems and solutions. There are various levels of challenges here: in digital systems exposed to the Internet, significant threats relate to attacks with hidden or spoofed sources originating in the network. In the systems separated from publicly accessible networks, the principal threats relate to the procedures in system management and operation. A few years ago, KONČAR KET was certified for information security management. The critical infrastructure cybersecurity certificate represents a further step in the process of strengthening the cybersecurity of the systems KONČAR KET delivers to its clients. In other words, the certificate reaffirms our stance: what we do, we do well.