Interview with Marek Szrot, Founder of Energo-Complex and OBRE

Interview with Marek Szrot, Founder of Energo-Complex and OBRE

Vol. 7 Issue 1

You represent a company from Poland that, in the last several years, has been successfully gaining a foothold in the international market. What is your business philosophy?

Our philosophy is based largely on the fact that we want to solve problems with our clients face to face. We are not a corporation with many anonymous people, where clients are just a revenue-generating record in a table. The desire for profit is not our only motivation. We also wish to establish relationships with people. It’s a bit like with “craft” beer, which tastes much better than beer from a large industrial brewery. Despite the fact that large corporations have noticed this and brew beer with ‘handmade’ labels, the beer they sell is still industrial! We are genuine, trustworthy and honest. This is appreciated by our Polish clients and more and more often by our clients from abroad. I do my best to make relations in our company resemble relations in a family. Although our opinions sometimes differ and there are polemics, we have a common goal, which is to solve our client’s problem in the best possible way. This is what drives us and makes our clients trust us.

What do you offer to your clients around the world?

The main goal of our company is to provide comprehensive solutions in the broadly understood diagnostics, operation, as well as repairs of transformers, and support of the transformer asset management process. We make sure that our clients have in us a reliable partner who can solve all difficult technical problems which often require a non-standard approach, specialised scientific and technical knowledge, and advanced measuring equipment. We have a modern equipment base that allows us to perform advanced work on transformers of all types, and the development of logistical facilities allows us to perform these services not only in Poland, but also worldwide. During more than 20 years of development of Energo-Complex, we have gained a lot of experience confirmed by numerous references. I think this is the perfect time to share this with clients all over the world.

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